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Kip’s Punishment is 24yo Josh

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Just a super quick post before I walk out the door for some snowboarding turns here in Breck.

This afternoon 24yo Josh is coming over to help punish Kip for not speedo’ing it up last weekend in Glenwood Springs.

I’ve been talking to Josh over the last couple of days and he is very keen to help out.  Josh has been a fan of mine for a while, lives in Colorado Springs (he is in the Air Force), loves speedos, looks amazing from his photos and would love to fool around with me in front of Kip.

I think this is going to be fun…. I will post more tonight or tomorrow morning.

Watching Speedo Boys

March 4th, 2018

Speedo Wrestling

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As promised, yesterday all I did was work.  It was crazy, 8am till 6pm, then I had some dinner and went back to work until around 11pm I think.  I was even dreaming about work.  I’m not complaining though as I got a bunch of stuff done and I have a surprise for you guys today….

One of the new movies I added to is a 33 minute movie of two guys wrestling in their speedos.  In soooo many great speedo movies, the speedos come off far too quickly, but in this movie the speedos stay on for 25 minutes…. the last 8 minutes the guys wrestle naked and finally the looser has his arse fucked.

The two guys in this movie are amazing and the only improvement I’d make would be to have them wrestling in white speedos and through a couple of litres of lubricant into the mix – hehehehe.  Can you tell that speedo wrestling is a fantasy of mine.

I’ve added a low quality sample clip (click here to download it) for you guys to check out if you like – the sample is 10meg where as the full quality version which is available to my lovely members is 130meg.

December 28th, 2009
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