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Public Masturbation

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I like this speedo photo here.

Today I pretty much just hung out at the beach, very boring and I wish I had someone to play with or someone to play with me.  Would have made things much more interesting.

I started reading Obama’s “Dreams from my Father”, I’m keen to read Palin’s new book but I thought I should read the Presidents book first (incase you didn’t know already I’m not on the Obama bandwagon).  And I was reading it wearing nothing but a pair of black SPANK speedos. My speedo tan is really coming along.

When there was nobody close by I rolled onto my back, pulled my cock out the side of my black speedos and ‘relieved’ myself.  There is something to be said about wanking outside.  Where is your favourite place to wank?

November 18th, 2009
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