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What do you want in a speedo movie?

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A little while ago I was approached by a producer in Europe who had some really hot models and he wanted to shoot some solo guys scenes for me.

After a bit of back and forth everything has been put in place and he is shooting this coming week.

He has asked me what I want in the scene.  I sent him a pair of white Dave Evans speedos and I’d like the model to stay in the speedos pretty much the entire clip, I’d like him to cover in or on his speedos and I’d like to watch him rubbing his cock through the white lycra of his ‘Dave Evans Swimwear’.

Anything you guys would like to add to it?  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have uploaded the movie and the stills.

March 11th, 2012

Tough Week – Asking for your help

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This has been a tough week guys, a tough couple of weeks but that happens this time of year with moving and all.

Members of my site will have noticed that this week I’ve been working on some server issues and everything is back running 100%. It has also inspired Kip and I to upgrade the movie server (this blog sits on that server) and I need your help.

If you’ve been thinking about joining my site then now would be a great time for you to support me and this blog AND in the next 48hrs there will be an additional 3gig of movies being added to the site.

$14.95 is a 7 day trial membership – you can download all you can in those 7 days and see everything.

You guys are great and if you are in a position to help out it will be appreciated.

Giving a hand can be fun, these guys are getting a hand…..

April 18th, 2009

Speedo Fucking

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I personally love speedo fucking.

When I was in Canada I remember one of the girls completely naked and me wearing a pair of black lycra speedos and her rubbing my cock through my speedos. Lets just say that the speedos were a little damp afterwards.

Here is a story that was posted on the forum which made me cum and hopefully it will make you cum too.

Last weekend I went away for the weekend. It was great weather so I went and spent the afternoon by the hotel pool. I wear my speedos under my boardshorts (a little concious of what others think). Anyway, there were a few women tanning in the sun and I lay down, took off my shirt and decided to do the same. I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up I was sweaty and there was no one else at the pool. It didn’t seem that long and the sun was still up. Anyway, I jumped in for a swim and was doing some laps when this other guy starts doing laps too. I was checking him out underwater and was pleased to find that he was sporting some speedos. Immediately i was turned on. I stopped doing laps and discreetly watched him as he swam up and down. He was breast stroking so his head would pop up out of the water every so often. I decided to get out of the pool as he swam towards me, so that he could check me out without me looking at him. So I heaved myself out of the pool as he started his lap back towards me. I stood up with my back to him and stretched and could feel my boardies stick to my speedos and my ass. Then, cause i was really horny, I decided to slip of my boardies. So I undid the string and let them fall down to my ankles and stood, still with my back towards this guy doing laps, in my blue speedos. I figured there had to be some connection if i had speedos and so did he.

Anyway, he reached the end and continued his lap back up the other end. I was not sure if he’d check’d me out or not. Anyway, seeing as I had now made the move of taking my shorts off, I decided to get some tanning in my speedo. Also, I thought maybe this would alert the guy to my horniness a bit more. So I lay in the sun and let my wet body be dried by the heat. Of course this always turns me on and my speedo got a nice bulge without being too revealing. I waited for the guy to finish his laps so I could watch him get out of the pool. I waited for about half an hour and then he got out at the other end of the pool and walked down towards me and the chair where he had his stuff. He was wearing a red speedo, blond hair and blue eyes, he had an amazing body. He was about 30. I decided to just openly stare at him as he paraded down towards me. I made sure that i was touching my body and my speedos a bit as he walked by.

We still hadn’t spoken so I decided that nothing was going to happen here, and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity. So I got up and walked by him as he was lying on his chair. I headed to the bathroom, hoping that he’d follow. In the bathroom there was no one there either so I decided to check myself out in the mirror. I was loving walking around in my speedos and i looked hot (not boasting). I was getting hard now just thinking about this guy. After about 5 mins I heard the door open and I stood facing the doorway just waiting. The first thing I noticed when he walked in was his tight red bulge. He looked at me and said “How you going mate?”

The speech through me off and I stumbled to think what to say. Just as i went to reply with “horny” he works over to my and grabs my bulge and kisses me. I kissed him back so hard and embraced his hot body. We rubbed our speedo bulges together made out for a while. All of a sudden the guy stops kissing me and says: “I’m here with my girlfriend, so I got to hurry”

Gay Kiss

I didn’t ask him any questions because he pulled me onto the floor. He was now on top of me and our speedos were rubbing against each other. Our hard dicks against our speedos were being rubbed and rubbed. I realised that he was speedo fucking me. It felt amazing. We kissed as he thrust his hips back and forth. He started moaning and I felt myself getting closer. We both moaned and rubbed and kissed and felt each others bodies and then came…like no other orgasm i’ve ever had. I think it was the whole build up because I lost control and moaned like an animal as he did as well. We both came in our speedos though some leaked through onto my abs. He licked it off, kissed me hard and left.

It took me ten minutes to get off the floor and when I went back to my chair he was gone. I never saw him again but it was worth it.

October 5th, 2008
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