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Ruining My Speedos

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I just got back from Colorado and had a great time with Kip (yes, there was lots of speedo/hottub sex).

It is a long trip home.  While I was on the train headed from Sydney up to the Central Coast I wrote a blog post saying that after getting in the ocean for a swim the next thing I was looking forward to was some Aussie cock.

Between that train ride and me getting home, I received a text message from the Married Guy saying:

Good to hear you are back, I’ve been enjoying following your travels.  I have a welcome home present for you and of course I’m DTF (down to fuck).  Monday swim and back to your place?

That actually gave me a hard on while I was sitting there on the train – haha.

So Monday came around and it was great being back in an outdoor pool, I definitely noticed the difference swimming at sea level compared to the few swims I had in Colorado at nearly 9,000 feet above sea level (Australia’s highest mountain is only 7,310 feet).  I got to the pool before the Married Guy but I noticed him wearing his black speedos in the lane next to me after about 300m.

The Married Guy usually swims about 1500m so I kept swimming until I figured he was about done and then waited.  He stopped, we shock hands both standing up to our waists in the pool.  The Married Guy told me to go into the change rooms and wait for me…..

The pool has a huge change room which is usually empty and has some shower cubicals.  I’ve had my fair share of sexual experiences in these showers and while I don’t think one would ever get caught… the idea of getting caught adds to how hot it is.  When I first started hooking up with the Married Guy he said that hooking up in the change rooms was pretty high on his sexual bucket list and we have done it twice.  So, when he told me to go in the change rooms and wait for me I didn’t need to be told twice.

As expected, there was nobody in the change rooms, I went to the end shower cubical which is pretty private, turned the shower on and started getting hard thinking about what was about to happen.  Then the Married Guy was standing in the door, the front of his speedo straining with his erect cock which was trying to get free.

Shower GuysSpeedo Shower Sex

The Married Guy and I started making out which lead to us both being 100% hard within seconds.

Then, the Married Guy backed up again the wall (his back was against the wall), and then he turned me around and started rubbing his cock, which was still in his speedo, against my butt crack.  He had both his hands on my hips as I leaned back into his body as he grinded me.  At some point he pulled the front of his speedos down which gave him much more freedom to slide it up and down my speedo clad arse.

It was at this point that the Married Guy reached around and started rubbing my cock through my speedos.  Then he whispered in my ear:

We are going to ruin these speedos of yours Dave……

I was so turned on, between the Married Guys cock against my butt, his hand rubbing the front of my speedo, a public change room and he started to tell me what he had planned for the afternoon.

Once we are finished here Dave, you are going to put on your Welcome Home Present, an AussieBum jockstrap.  You are going to go home, strip down to the jockstrap, get on you bed, lube your arse up and I’m going to fuck your brains out!!!

That was about when I started to cum in the front of my speedo.

Cumming in Speedos

When I had finished cumming, the Married Guy told me to bend over and he hand both hands on my hips and he slid his cock up and down my butt crack.

I’ve had 2 months of fucking pussy…. I’m looking forward to just plowing your tight little arse Dave!!!

That was when the Married Guy started cumming on the back of my speedo and at least his first rope of cum was on my back.  We both got our breath back and I stood up,  my speedo was ruined with the front full of my cum and the backside covered in the Married Guys cum.  There was no way I was getting the cum off them in the shower so I just took them off and followed the Married Guy into the main area of the change rooms.

I grabbed my towel quickly in case someone walked in and the Married Guy threw me an AussieBum jockstrap.

Since your speedos are ruined, you should put these on Dave.

The Married Guy had come from work so he was wearing trousers, button up shirt, tie where I was just wearing board shorts and a polo shirt (and the jockstrap he just gave me) so I was dressed first.  As I walked out of the change rooms I said to the Married Guy.

See ya in 10 minutes, I’ll be ready.

AussieBum Jockstrap

What do hear what happened?  I’ll have more for you guys tomorrow – I need to go for a swim because I’ve cum in my speedos again just writing about this…..

April 3rd, 2018

Craving Cock

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I am fucking horny!!!

Sometimes I have a craving to suck cock – anyone else get that?

It is a gorgeous morning here on the Central NSW Coast and I’m going to get a double dose of cock today.  I’m meeting Alex and Adam up at Birdie Beach carpark at 1pm.  If I get enough work done I might head up early and let them find me on the beach.

Now, what speedos do I want to wear?

If anyone happens to be walking along the beach, we will be maybe a kilometer south of the carpark.  3 guys in speedos, you should be able to pick us out.

Speedo BJSpeedo Blowjob

November 6th, 2016

Birdie Beach Orgy Cancelled

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Today I was planning on a trip up to Birdie Beach for a bit of a speedo orgy.

Alex was in, and I had two guys I’ve been talking to from Grindr who were keen as well but it kind of fell apart this morning and now it is really windy.  Alex had a great idea though…. he wants to be fucked in the change rooms at the pool.  We have both sucked each other off in the change rooms but never fucked.  Alex is pretty vocal when he gets fucked so it could be interested…. I hope we don’t get caught or interrupted, then again, with the right guy, maybe we do want to get caught.

This weekend I’m going to knuckle down and get on top of some of this work stuff.  Looks like the comments doesn’t work on posts that are only available to members.  All the more reason to part with $5 and join – I’d really appreciate it and it allows me to spend more time on the blog.

You can join by clicking here.

OK, I need to get my red speedos on, some lube and a condom (maybe 2 since I’ll let Alex fuck me when I’m done fucking him, assuming he doesn’t cum while I’m fucking him which is likely).  Have a good weekend guys, I’ll post more tomorrow.

Speedo FoursomesGay Threesome on the BeachThree Guys in White Speedos

October 8th, 2015

Friday afternoon BJ

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You guys will be glad to hear that Alex did come for a swim with me.

You guys will be glad to hear that Alex and I did suck each other off in the locker room at the pool.

I’ve had a couple of pool locker room experiences (both are in the stories section on my site and this one was pretty hot.  When I left the house I texted Alex that I’d be at the pool in 20 minutes, he replied back saying he’d be there.  We met in the carpark and Alex has already read yesterday’s post.

We walked in, I was wearing just boardies, collared shirt, tennis shoes but Alex was wearing his work clothes, slacks (dress pants) and a button up shirt which was tucked in and black polished shoes.  The staff know us pretty well by now and the pool was pretty quiet and normally we just change by the pool but Alex, rather naughtily, suggested we go to the locker room.

I replied to Alex,

So you read my blog post already hey?


So we went to the change room/locker room, it was empty and we both stripped down to our speedos (Alex was wearing his speedos under his suit pants which is sooooo hot).  The main room of the locker room is pretty bit but it is an open room and neither of us were quiet comfortable enough to get caught there so we both went into the disabled shower which is the biggest.

I turned on the shower, turned around and Alex was there, inside my space (he would soon be inside my mouth, and vice versa).  We started kissing and both of us were straining the front of our speedos pretty quickly, I still had the red Arena speedos on and Alex was wearing a pair of black AussieBum classic speedos.

Breaking off our kiss I told Alex,

We have to be quick.

And with that I placed both of my hands on the top of his head.  I didn’t really need to push his head down, he knew what I wanted.


I’m going to leave it there guys.  I’m going to post the rest of this in the stories section of  I haven’t posted a story there in a little while.  It is members of that allow me to keep this blog (and the free so I hope you understand that I have to return some love to the members.

You can join for $4.95, it comes up on your credit card statement as ‘Gocah’ so it is pretty discrete.  After all I’m not out to all my friends and family so it is something that I take pretty seriously.

And Alex dropped around to my place after work as well on Friday……

Pool BJSpeedo Suck

December 5th, 2014
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