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Swim Team Doctor

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Good afternoon everybody, Monday here in Colorado.  Kip and I spent the weekend being very well behaved and doing a whole bunch of work and not very much snowboarding, it was super busy with the MLK Holiday weekend and all the snow that we received last week.

Now that we are on top of things I can sit down and share with you guys one of the hottest speedo stories I’ve read in ages.

Tomorrow Kip and I will be back snowboarding and I plan on going for a swim after lunch and unlike last time, I promise that I will speedo it up.  I’m going to take one of my fans advice and wear my Aussie Turbo speedos.  If you are at the Rec Center keep an eye out for me…..

And here is the story, I found it over the weekend oging through an old version of my site  It was written by one of my first members and I had forgotten all about it.  Enjoy guys.

I am a junior in high school. Back when I was a freshman I was one of the trainers for the freshmen swim team because I knew a lot about sports injuries because my father was a doctor. I had never thought of being gay or had ever experimented at all. But all that changed after my freshman year as the manager of the swim team.

As every one got out of the pool in their speedos which were red in the front and white in the back, team colors, Patrick approached me. I had been swimming myself because I was on the team as well as being a manager. I was 5′ 10″ with a muscular build, firm pecs and abs, strong legs, big biceps, blond hair, a tan everywhere except under my speedo. Patrick had the same swimmer’s type build as I did only with brown hair. He asked me if I could look at his thighs because they were giving him some trouble when he swam. I told him to dry off and meet me in the medical room, which was just a room in the gym with a padded table. As I entered he was sitting on the table still in his speedo like me. I welcomed him and told him to lay face down on the table so I could look at the back of his thighs. His muscular butt was in full flex showing how tight it was, something I didn’t usually take time to look at. After I felt his thighs I discovered they were just cramped up and needed a massage to work the cramp out I asked him if he could stay longer to have the massage and he gladly said yes.

As I began to rub the back of his thighs we started talking about school and tests. Then after a brief pause he asked me if I had ever had sex. After another pause I told him I had sex with a girl earlier in the year. He told me he had had his dick sucked by a girl this year too. Then the conversation took a twist and he asked me if I had ever had gay sex. I immediately said no as I laughed at such a strange question. He also said no quickly. Then he asked in a strange tone what it would be like. I said that I had no idea with a smile that said this is getting wierd. After a very long pause he finally got more to his point and Patrick asked if he could suck my cock. I immediately stopped massaging his thigh and looked at him in disbelief.

Patrick said, “C’mon, it won’t be that wierd, all I want to do is try it.”

Then I said, “Won’t that be wierd though if I get a hard-on?”

Patrick said, “I won’t tell anyone so it won’t matter. C’mon, all you have to do is stand right where you are.”

After all of his pleading I said alright but not for too long. Patrick then leaned on his side and motioned me to stand in front of his mouth by the table. I looked at his speedo as I moved around the table and he had a huge boner from the excitement. As I stood in front of him he pulled my speedo down just past my cock and looked in amazement. I was impressive at my age being 5″ soft and 8″ hard. I was soft at the moment not quite sure what exactly was going to happen. Then Patrick grabbed my dick and began to suck, I forgot how good it felt, i was hard in seconds. Patrick looked at me a gave the best smile he could with a dick in his mouth. I began to moan as Patrick took my cock deeper in his mouth. Within seconds i had grabbed the back of his head and was pumping it over my rock hard prick. We were both moaning in delight as he kept polishing my dick with his mouth thank God everyone had left the gym. Finally I felt something, something very good, and then from my dick came hot white semen all nto Patrick’s mouth, I couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he was going to spit it out but then he swallowed it right in front of me. I looked at him in disbelief.

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January 16th, 2017

Merry Xmas Guys

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Well I’m 2 days late on my Xmas Day post.

I’m really sorry for not posting as much over the last couple of months, my new years resolution is to be posting more.  Just been busy and members will know that I haven’t been neglecting adding more and more movies.

So how was your Xmas?  I ended up driving up to Queensland to have a family Xmas which kinda sucked…. the drive up there sucked and tomorrow I’m driving back.  If it was any other time of year I’d much prefer to take a couple of days driving back and explore some of the really cool little coastal towns but being school holidays it is a zoo and if any accommodation isn’t booked out, I can’t imagine how expensive it will be.

Today family are going on a road trip to Binna Burra, just for a drive and I do have some work to catch up on so I have the house to myself and I’m sitting here with my laptop and the cricket is on.  What I am going to work on today is writing down the story of how 18yo Tom worked up to his first fucking.

It is a good thing I’m here alone.

OK guys, I’ll get back to it.  I’ll have something to share tomorrow.

Check out these cuties both working on their speedo tans, if they need a closer inspection I’m happy to help of course.

Couple Selfie

December 26th, 2016

Fivesome Movie

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How was every ones weekend?

Nothing too exciting here, just a bunch of work.  I’m up early and going for a surf with the boys, it is kinda chilly but it is a nice way to start the day.  Although there was a shark attack north of here this week so we will have our eyes peeled.

I haven’t had a chance to write more about last weekend but I might get a chance later this afternoon.  When I write about my sexual experiences I kind of need to be in the right mood – ie horny.  And often I am so horny that I end up cumming which puts me out of the mood – hehehe.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you guys hanging.  Here is a Fivesome movie which I think you will enjoy (yes, you have to be a member to watch – it is only $5 to join.  Click here.).

Pool Party Orgy Movie

And also if you are a member, I have reposted a story of a Fiversome that Kip organized for me when I arrived in Colorado.  Yes, it was fucking hot.

Is one more than a foursome called a fivesome or just a moresome?

Last night, after I finished writing yesterdays blog post, Kip told me to strip down, put on a pair of AussieBum Portseas (click here to see what they look like). I did as I was told, then I was sat down on a chair in the living room and Kip began to tie me up. Kip does a little bit of rock climbing and he knows his knots so by the time he was done I wasn’t going anywhere.

Kip just kind of left me there with the TV on for a few minutes, then he got a text message and he came over and blind folded me with a pair of snowboarding goggles which had some paper or something inside them. I really couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t long after that and I heard a knock at the door and 3 other voices were in the room with me. Two of the voices were Australian and it seemed like they all knew each other pretty well. I was introduced but it was a bit one sides with me not being able to see anything and there was an occasional hand on my shoulders, back, thigh and front of my speedo.

By now I was pretty hard and I’m guessing the front of my speedo was pretty pointed since my hands were behind my back and I couldn’t adjust myself.

Thankfully Kip came to the rescue, put his hand down the front of my speedo and adjusted my cock for me.

It seemed like that kind of started a trend. Next thing I knew there was a speedo clad guy sitting on one of my knees rubbing the front of my AussieBums. The guy, who was not Kip, then started kissing me.

This was definitely a first for me, kissing a guy that I had never seen before.

While I was kissing (more being kissed since I had nothing to do with it) this mystery guy, I heard an Aussie accent say that it was his turn and another speedo clad butt sat on my other knee and started rubbing the front of my AussieBum speedos and began kissing me nearly immediately after the first guy finished. This scene happened again with a third guy and finally with Kip.

As you can imagine, I was pretty hard by then.

Read the rest and watch the Fivesome movie by becoming a member.  Your support is what keeps this blog going and I really appreciate it.

October 22nd, 2016

Casual Speedo Sex

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I love it when I get fun emails from members, as a member feel free to email me and I pretty much guarantee that I’ll reply.  This is an email that I woke up to this morning and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Hey Dave! It’s cool you replied.

You should know that a guy spied me taking this pic that I was taking with the intention of sending to you today.

Speedo Fan

He came over afterwards and laid down next to me in a pair of blue wonder jock AussieBums (I asked). We got to talking about our speedo fetishes and how horny I was at the beach (and I brought up your blog too). We started kissing, and I started getting hard fast. I had to pump the brakes quick since there were some other guys around already watching. …I’m home now in these black AussieBums waiting for him to come over and finish what we started.

My Speedo Fan

Here it is. Seriously one of the hottest fucks in my life. Please change my name for privacy reasons, I already changed his. Anyway, feel free to make any changes, edits, or alterations as you see fit (whatever you want to do to incorporate it into your blog). Its lengthy so feel free to cut it down as you want. If you need some more pics, I can try to take some too. 😉

Also, my grammar may be a little off as I am crazy horny right now and am typing as fast as I can. haha.   If I meet up with “Charlie” again, I’ll be sure to let you know (if you want). I’d also be happy to rep one of your suits at the beach too.

Thanks Dave! As always, keep up the great work on your site and the blog. Its an amazing slice of internet speedo heaven.

-Seattle Speedo Fan

If you’d like to read what ‘Seattle Speedo Fan’ wrote jump into the members area.  When I read his email I was 100% hard in my red lycra speedos and I’m pretty sure it will have the same effect on you.

Also, after this weekend the blog membership price is going to increase.  It has been fantastic the support from all you guys and since we have reached 500 blog members I am focusing more and more on delivering some juicy stuff for the members.  I think this is way better than having shitty popups and banners all over the blog don’t you think?

I haven’t decided on what the price increase will be, Kip wants it higher and I want to keep it lower but it will change on August 1st.  If you are already a member… then you are grandfathered in at the current price.

July 29th, 2016

Speedo Waiter

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This is a story that I wrote years ago and I thought I’d repost it.

It is a fantasy of mine to be either the waiter or the host.

I saw an add online for   “Exhibitionist Waiter for Private Party”. It was coming up to Xmas and I really   needed the money. I was feeling pretty happy about my 20yo body these days – was   training for some long distance swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool.   With all that training I was starting to tan up nice and I had lost about 10kgs.

Let me quickly explain a bit   about myself – I’m 20yo and mid way through my college degree, I’m 6″1′, dark   hair with some blonde through it and reasonably tanned. I’ve had a little bit of   guy/guy experience but not much – although it always gets me hard. Ow and my   name is Brad.

Back to the story…

So I’m feeling pretty   confident with my body these days and this add for the ‘Exhibitionist Waiter’   sounds like it could be interesting and I won’t knock back the money.

I replied to the add with   some of my favourite self pics of me in my speedos and jeans and some of me in   my speedos and bike pants – always with a nice hard on. I received a reply   within a couple of hours outlining my ‘duties’ if I was to accept the position.   The guy who placed the add – Kyle – explained to me that he was having a party   at his place for a group of mainly gay friends and thought it would be fun to   have some cute young waiters in speedos. Kyle was looking for 3 or 4 waiters and   was willing to pay each waiter $500 for the night plus all the alcohol and food   they wanted.

After reading this I got a   hard on straight away – sounded perfect. I love speedos (my few guy/guy   experiences had always started from scenarios where I was with other guys in   speedos – mainly at the pool after training – and they had always been a fetish   of mine). Kyle and I corresponded over the next 2 weeks and all was sorted for   the Friday night. The details were that I was to just rock up at 6:30pm and   people would start to arrive at 7 for the party. Kyle would prove the speedos   and I was to wear sandshoes and socks with them.

Friday finally came and I   left my place at 6:15pm. I was definitely nervous but very very excited at the   same time. Kyle had told me that there would only be 2 waiters – another guy my   age and myself – but he said that he would pay us $750 each for the night   because of the extra work load. I arrived at Kyle’s and walked up to the front   door. Kyle’s house was impressive – a huge house that could nearly be called a   mansion. After knocking on the door I heard foot steps and the door opened. With   the door opened I was faced with a reasonably good looking guy of about 30yo.   The guy in front of me quickly introduced himself as Kyle and welcomed me in.   Kyle led me through the house to the kitchen where he was making last minute   preparations. As we entered the kitchen Kyle began to introduce me to the other   ‘waiter’ Martin who was already in his tiny black speedos – and nothing else.   Before Kyle could say my name the other waiter greeting me with,

“Brad, is that you man – how   the hell are you?”

“Martin, buddy how are you –   long time no see.” I replied as we shook hands.

Martin went to school with   me and was the first guy I had ever fantasised about. He was in my class and I   had thought he was good looking but, then we had a term of swimming classes and   since it was an all boys school, speedos were compulsory. I remember Martin’s   tight arse in his little black speedos. I jacked off to that thought for years.   I didn’t know Martin had any gay inklings but I had masturbated many a time   thinking of Martin in his speedos.

“You guys know each other?”   asked Kyle.

“Yeah we went to school   together.” Martin replied.

“Well I’ll let you take Brad   upstairs and get him into his gear. I’ve got some stuff to finish down here so   take your time. Don’t forget – when the guests arrive you are to greet them at   the door and lead them out the back.”

With that Martin lead me out   of the kitchen to the main stair case. Ow my god his arse is so awesome. In the   tight black speedos it was tight and moved smoothly as he walked. I could hardly   keep my eyes of them.

“So Brad have you done this   before?” Martin asked as we approached the bottom of the grand curving   staircase.

“No man – my first time. But   I have to admit a soft spot for speedos so I jumped at the chance. How about you   man?” I replied.

“Yeah I’ve been doing a   little bit of escort work – nothing heavy or anything just the odd nice older   guy. Pays better than McDonalds and I’ve got some regulars now that are really   pretty easy going.”

“For real? I didn’t even   think you were gay?” I replied with a good pinch of shock in my voice.

“Yeah – never really mucked   around with any guys my, I mean our age, its only really for the money I   suppose. I’m not complaining though. Anyways – this is spare room in here. Your   ‘work’ gear is on the bed.” Martin commented pointing to the pair of size 12   (28″ waist) black speedos on the bed. By this time my cock had stirred and I was   half hard and really looking forward to getting into those speedos.

Well – I looked at my ‘work   uniform’ and as I undid my belt and the button on my jeans and Martin seemed to   make himself comfortable on the bed.

I grabbed the speedos and   told Martin I’d be back as I headed towards the ensuite.

As I quickly changed in the   bathroom I looked at myself in my tight black speedos and thought – wow how hot   do I look!!!

Well it was time to try it   on Martin so I walked out of the ensuite dressed only in my tiny black speedos,   Martin was sitting on the end of the bed and was fixated on my speedos. “Wow man   – you look fucking hot in those tiny black speedos!!! Your cock is huge too.”

“Thanks man – you look darn   hot in yours as well.” I said as I sat on the bed next to Martin – it was only   6:45 so we had tonnes of time before anyone arrived. “So you haven’t gotten it   on with any young guys hey?” I asked Martin.

“Nah not at all hey – I’ve   masturbated a million times thinking about it but haven’t really had the   opportunity yet.”

“We’ll we can’t go down   stairs with only one of us hard.” I said and I put my hand on Martin’s semi hard   cock. Martin looked into my eyes and we moved forward and began a deep kiss. We   kissed deeply and our tongues lashed – I had been looking forward to this for   years now but never thought it would possible come true. Martin lied back and I   was on top of him with my thigh rubbing his now rock hard cock through his tiny   speedos.

Just as we lied down on the   bed – we didn’t notice but – Kyle had walked into the doorway. It must have been   an amazing sight the two of us pashing on the bed in nothing more than our tiny   little black speedos. Kyle enjoyed the view for a minute or 2 before discreetly   interrupting us.

“*Cough, Cough* – excuse me   boys.”

We jumped to attention,   totally surprised at Kyle’s sudden appearance at the doorway. We both began   apologising profusely.

“Its alright – looks like   you 2 have some catching up to do from school. But there will be time for that   later. If you guys can come downstairs when your ready and start to get some   drinks ready – people will start arriving any minute.”

No problem at all we replied   – relieved that Kyle wasn’t upset about his 2 speedo waiters going for it.

“And the hardons are a very   nice touch boys.” Kyle commented with a cheeky smile as he headed down stairs.

Martin and I smiled and   decided that we would finish what we started later in the evening for sure. We   jumped up off the bed and headed down stairs (still with our rock hard cocks   bulging in our speedos). On the way down stairs I gave Martin the pleasure of   following my speedo clad arse.

After getting some stuff   ready behind the bar – the door bell rang. Martin was still getting some ice in   the esky’s outside so I grabbed a glass of champagne in each hand and went to   the door. The door wasn’t closed (the lock and handle were pulled back but   people rang the bell anyways). As I approached the door I asked the guests to   come in.

A mid 30’s guy pushed the   door open and took a step inside the house.

“Evening Sir, and welcome to   the party.” I said, however it was apparent that the man, who was very well   dressed in black trousers, a black shirt and a black jacket with some visible   gold jewelry wasn’t that interested in what I had to say as to more what was in   my tiny black speedo. “Kyle is out the back just finishing off preparations –   I’m Brad one of your waiters for the night.” I tried to break some ice – and   maybe break this guys stare.

I had succeeded as the man   look up at me. “Hi there Brad – nice to meet you I’m Jack – a business associate   of Kyle’s. You are in a bit of a precarious position there – with your hands   full and all.”

Jack was implying to the   glass of champagne in each of my hands. Without giving me time to respond – Jack   moved his right hand down to my semi erect cock and began to rub it. With his   free hand Jack began massaging my speedo clad arse. It was odd but I can’t say   that I resisted at all – it was like 2 seconds before I was rock hard again.

After about 30 seconds of   rubbing from Jack on my now rock solid cock we could hear another car arrive.   Jack removed his hands, somewhat reluctantly I’m sure, from my speedos and took   a glass of champagne.

“I’m sure I can help you   with that later on Andy. And I must say – you are a wonderful waiter.”

“I’ll lead you out   the back” I replied. As I walked through the house to the back yard I knew that   Jack would be admiring my arse and I was loving it!!! I left Jack at the door to   the yard and got back to my duties of welcoming everyone.
May 1st, 2012
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