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Are there gay mormons?

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In about an hour Kip and I are going to get in the car and start heading towards Park City, Utah for a week of snowboarding and from there I’m going to fly back to Aussie.  The trip has been awesome and I’m excited to check out Park City, I’ve never been there.

Kip has organized it all so there will be snowboarding, hottubbing, work (it gets in the way of things but I have nothing to complain about) and hopefully some speedo sex.

What is the Mormon view on speedo sex?  I honestly have no idea.

Our plan is to get to Salt Lake City tonight, maybe party a little bit (if they do that in Salt Lake City), then cruise up to the mountains on Sunday afternoon, maybe get some turns in or at least be ready to rock on Monday morning.

If anyone has any advice on either Salt Lake City or Park City I’m all ears, and if you are a member and nearby I’d love to grab a beer…. at least.

Sandy Speedo Bum

February 25th, 2017

Nerds Gone Wild

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As expected….. Colorado has been a whirlwind.  The snow has been phenomenal – we had 2 feet in the last 2 days and it is still wintery out there.  It has meant that we’ve been riding hard (hehe), hottubbing hard, shagging a little bit and in bed really early.

Don’t worry, it isn’t all speedos, hottubs and snowboarding…. Kip and I have a bunch of work to get done, new movies, 2 new servers coming online and some technically stuff I need him to help me with with some payment stuff.  It is great being here, I feel amazingly productive.

What will this weekend bring?

PS – Have any of you guys been to the Radium Hotsprings?  I’ve heard they are natural hotsprings down on the Colorado River about an hour from Breckenridge.  Kip and I might have to check them out.

Speedo NerdSpeedo Nerds

January 5th, 2017

Snowy Speedos

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Today I received my snowboarding season pass to Breckenridge in the mail.  This winter I’ll be heading over to see Kip at some point although I haven’t figured out what time or for how long just yet.

For those of you guys who are new, Kip is my number 2, officially he is my ‘server administrator’ but he pretty much does everything that I’m not smart enough to do.  He keeps everything online and running smoothly.  Kip isn’t all that interested in the running of the sites themselves but he does frequent them and I bounce pretty much ALL of my ideas and designs off him before I publish them.

Kip started working for me a few years ago, I’ve stayed with him at his place in Breckenridge and he has stayed with me here in Aussieland.  It is pretty convenient that Kip loves speedos…..  These days I consider him one of my best friends which is kind of convenient since we barely go a day without talking to each other even when we are an ocean apart.

As for when I might head over, summer is pretty chaotic here on the coast with school holidays to maybe I’ll head over for January?  Funny thing is, once I’m in Breckenridge, it is cheaper for me to live with Kip than it is for me to live here.  And those American boys love my accent which comes in handy.

Maybe I should ask Alex if he wants to come…… now there is an idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before now.

Speedos for the Snow

October 26th, 2015

Speedo Sponsors

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The weather here in Colorado over the last week has been fantastic.  Warm, no wind and Breckenridge opened last Friday.  It means that today I was up early, went for an early morning swim, then had 4 runs snowboarding and back in the office by 10:30.

Don’t worry it isn’t all peaches and cream, I fully expect to be working until midnight or so and then I’ll sleep like a baby.

On my list of things to do today is to reply to a request from International Jock who wants to advertise on this blog.  Instead of just a static banner ad that maybe we’ll do something more fun.

How about this idea?  They offer a pair of speedos from their site up for grabs for a reader each month?  Or get their model shoot photo galleries and I can make them available to you guys.

Anyone have any good ideas?

I have ordered from International Jock (I think I ordered some N2N speedos from them) and they seemed good to deal with.

Not sure if ES is sold on International Jock but I’ve been seeing more and more of them around the web these days…. might be because they have some hot photo shoots.

Euro SpeedoES SpeedosES SwimwearES JockstrapEuropean Speedo

November 13th, 2013

Weekend Long Hangover

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Holy moly guys, did Kip and I have a HUGE night on Friday or what!!!!

It was a nice lazy Friday, I went for a swim, there was a bit of snow on the ground.  As the day wound down I was sitting on the couch, in front of the fireplace, drinking a G&T (gin and tonic),  reading a book (Guns, Germs and Steel).  I was anticipating a nice quiet night, maybe order some Chinese and that is when things got a little crazy.

Kip announced that we were going to head out so I had another couple of G&T’s, then we headed out and caught up with some folks that Kip knows.  We partied out on the town and then everyone ended up back at our place.  Nothing too naughty, just a bunch of fun people in town for the weekend.

Then we just kept drinking and dancing and just shootin’ the crap.

All of a sudden…. it was 6am!!!!

No dinner, a few G&T’s before heading out and then all of that.  I woke up at 7pm the next day!!!!  Hahaha.  Then we just sat around and watched a few movies and Sunday I slept in again as well.

I’m not going to go as far as saying I’m not drinking again (I think I was more tired and hungry and hungover)…. but I think I might have a quiet, more monastic week this week.

So to start the week, I was up at 5am (this post will be published about 6:15am) and there is a bunch of random speedo eye candy for you guys.

Anyone else have a big weekend?

2 Speedo Boys by the PoolSpeedo Self PicSpeedo TwinksSpeedos and BoardiesWet UnderwearMuscle Beach SpeedoBig Muscles, Small Speedo

November 4th, 2013
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