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Speedo Students Beautiful Cock

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What do you guys think about the new header image?  It is a great photo, the cock, the cock ring, the speedo tan and those tiny white speedos.

Just wondering though if I should make it a little more PG rated?  It is very much ‘in your face’!!!

Would love to hear what you guys think.

Cock Ring in White Speedos

Do you guys remember the Hawaii Speedo Student?  I wonder what happened to him?

There is a page dedicated to him on my site with his full length profession movie “Speedo Boys” as well as all of the amateur photos and movies he made.

Why I’m posting about this is because last night I was going through some old content and was looking at some of the photos I have of him, darn he has a beautiful cock!!!

Cock RingSpeedo Student Gay KissHawaii Speedo Student Cock

February 23rd, 2015

Speedo Pockets

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Does anyone have any ideas on how one could create a speedo pocket?  Something to carry your mobile and keys maybe?

I’m lucky enough to be right on the beach so when I go for a quick dip like I did first thing this morning, I just walk across the sand and then walk back, no need to lock the doors or anything.  When I go up to Birdie Beach I normally have a pack with me to store that stuff.  But what if one day I gained enough courage to walk down to Terrigal and grab some bread and milk?  I’d have to carry my mobile and a credit card.

Would love to hear any ideas you guys might have.

I like the guy on the right in this pic with his mobile down the front of his speedo.

 Speedo Boys

December 29th, 2014

Speedo Couples

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Not much lined up today so I thought I’d post a bunch of pics of hot guys in speedos, don’t say I never do anything nice for you guys.

Enjoy the speedo eye candy guys.

Fit Speedo Guys aussiebum Guys Friends in Speedos 2 Speedo Boys Speedo Friends Speedo Guys Speedo Boys

August 20th, 2013

Busy Tuesday

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Hey guys – just a quick post.  Kip and I have been working flat out since about 7am this morning.

We were working on some new stuff for and then about lunch time we had a server go offline (you might have seen this blog offline for about 3hrs).  Turns out we had another hard drive failure.  No biggie since everything is backed up and they just put a new one in.  But this is like the 5th HDD failure I’ve had this year – I don’t think I’ve had 2 in the previous 5 years.  Someone told me it has to do with the floods a little while back in Bangkok.

Anyways – all back and working now but if you see any problems you know we are on top of things.

Time for a drink and a hottub.  Then dinner and then back to all the work I didn’t finish this morning.

I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to tell you guys about the speedo party on Saturday night – it was a great success and Kip and I finally made it to sleep as the sun was coming up.  Since there were people in the house and there was a little bit of cleaning to do we didn’t get much sleep and worked through Sunday watching the Broncos go down again.

I’ll post some more of the juicier details tomorrow for you guys.

September 25th, 2012

Bunch of guys in speedos

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Not much to report today guys – I’m just sitting her in a pair of black AussieBum classic speedos and I kinda wish I had some company….

August 16th, 2012
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