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White Speedos

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What did you guys get up to today?

I was part of a new Guinness Book of World Records shot ski….  “What is a shot ski?” I hear you ask…..  it is when you put multiple shot glasses on a ski and drink as a one.  We had to register so perhaps Kip and I will be in some formal record of the event.

Other than that, we started drinking early today so I thought I’d give you some speedo eye candy before Kip and I get into the hottub.  And since I’m wearing white speedos I thought I’d share this cutie with you.  The speedo solar (which has 1″ sides and a seam down the front and the back) is a classic.

White Speedo SolarWhite Speedo Solar Speedos

January 12th, 2017

Red Speedos

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A couple of days ago, maybe it was a week, I was talking about speedos being a gateway to gay….. and you guys pretty much 100% disagreed with me.  That is OK, I love different ideas.

I still think I am right, in my case anyway.  So if speedos are a gateway to gay, then red speedos…… there is no doubt that red speedos have caused gay experiences.  That is a known fact right?  To be honest, when I see a guy in red speedos I immediately think he is naughty.

Earlier in the year I had a cousin of mine and her boyfriend staying at my place.  They were just great and was fun hanging out, the boyfriend grew up in Brissy so I lined up a surfboard for him and he brought his wetsuit.  One day after a surf he stripped out of his wetsuit and was washing off in my outdoor shower (outdoor shower makes it sound fancy, it is more like a hose nailed to the side of the house).

The boyfriend stripped out of his wetsuit to reveal a red speedo brand speedo!!!

Anyone else turned on by a straight guy peeling off a wetsuit to reveal a red speedo and then showering outside my house?

Red Speedo AussieRed Speedo HottubRed Soeedo Erection

November 6th, 2016

Blowjob from……

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My swim yesterday with Alex and Surfer Chick was pretty hot.  Alex and I were both wearing black, lycra speedo brand speedos and Surfer Chick was wearing a black Spank one piece swimsuit.  Alex was looking super hot although he was a bit nervous when we got out of the pool and were standing around.  Alex is all very new to even wearing speedos in public and standing around a girl and his gay lover I could tell he was a little nervous which was cute.

The only trouble I had was keeping my eyes off Alex.  He is training pretty hard for a triathlon next summer and darn he looks good.

Nice Looking Cock in those Speedos

Nothing naughty happened to any of us in the change rooms.  By the end of our swim Alex had to get back to work so he went into the change rooms to get back into his work suit and I walked out with Surfer Chick.  She is spending the weekend in Sydney for some family thing (I’m not at that stage of boyfriend where I have to go to family stuff).  So I won’t really see her until next week.

This was spoken about with Alex when we were all standing around talking after our swim.

So Alex knew that I wouldn’t get getting any sex today so about an hour after our swim and he sent me a text.

Put those black speedos back on. I will be at your place after work….. about 4pm.

4pm came around, Alex opened my front door and I was sitting at my breakfast bar wearing the same black speedo I wore at the pool earlier.  Before walking further into the house, Alex stripped off his suit and was wearing the same black speedos he was wearing as well.

Both of us were pretty horny with the 3 hours or so of anticipation of catching up so we pretty much just collapsed into my bed and I let Alex fuck me which he did HARD!!!  When Alex came I was right on the edge so I buried his face in my crotch which he was more than willing to do and I came in his mouth within a minute of him cumming in my arse.

Not a bad way to start the weekend………

Blowjob in Speedos PoolsideBJ in Speedos

July 3rd, 2015

Blue Speedos

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Today Kip and I are going to do some speedo shopping.  I think I need a pair of blue speedos, any suggestions on what I should get?

Blue Speedo on Beach Classic Blue Speedo

February 27th, 2015

Red Speedo Dreaming

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Alex had a great idea about the ‘Mr. Red Speedos’ from the pool….. we should both wear red speedos to the pool as well.  At least it might get a conversation going.

So later today we are going to the pool at about the same time, Alex has a pair of red speedo brand speedos and I have a pair of red Arena speedos.  I don’t think Alex has ever worn his red speedos to the pool, his girlfriend bought them as a fancy costume prop.

I’ll let you guys know if Mr. Red Speedo is at the pool.

Andrew Christian Red Speedo SwimwearWhats in your speedo?Fit Guy in Red SpeedoRed Speedo ModelRed Speedo

December 10th, 2014
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