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Do you know Dave Speedo Evans?

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Back to the Married Guy, aka Tony.

Yesterday I left off with Tony and I grabbing a beer after a swim and nothing happened.  Very platonic and he didn’t give anything away and I left disheartened that anything naughty would happen between Tony and I.

That changed on Friday morning.

I was still in bed (don’t judge it was like 9:30am – I can sleep in a little bit every now and then) and my phone beeps with a new text message.

Have you heard of, or know of Dave Evans?

I wondered if it has anything to do with the Evil Speedo Corporation trying to steal my domain names.  I was in a conundrum…..

Still being in bed, I hadn’t had my morning jerk off either so my erection wasn’t helping my decision making process either.  I decided that Tony, being married and pretty visible in his work life probably has more to loose than I do by ‘outing’ Dave Evans, we had shared a beer after a swim in our AussieBums.  I replied

I do know him, we are one and the same.

Is that OK or does it freak you out?

I was pretty nervous for the next hour or so before Tony replied.  I even went for a walk down town to grab the paper and some bread and left my phone at home just to take my mind off it.  When I walked back into the house there was a reply from Tony:

Not freaked out at all.  Intrigued.  What are you doing Friday afternoon?

This was a huge relief and now I was horny again.  Where was the ‘What are you doing Friday afternoon?’ message implying?  I think it means Tony the Married Guy likes to fool around in speedos don’t you?

Real Men Wear AussieBum Speedos

I’ll continue with this next week guys.  You know, you could just join my site and be completely up to date with what happened with Tony the Married Guy…..

June 16th, 2017

Quiet Grey old Day

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It is a grey old morning here in Terrigal and I’m feeling a bit grey as well.  Just some niggly cough that has prevented me having a good nights sleep for a few days.

I don’t feel like getting stuck into too much work but I am slowly getting some stuff done today:

  • I’ve got 3 new movies which Kip formatted last night which I’ll put on, I will post some screen shots of those for you guys tomorrow.
  • I changed the header image – what do you guys think?  The old one, pictured below, was a little hardcore for my taste, not that the current one isn’t hardcore but it is a little less ‘cock in your face’.
  • I’ve created a new FaceBook page.  Facebook has been a real pain in the arse to work with although they have accepted my advertising dollars.  Last time they shut my profile down because I was getting too many friend request.  This is my last try with them – click here to like my new FaceBook page.
  • The Evil Speedo Corporation keeps hassling me, I really hope they ‘sue’ me again.  The last time they did it was back in 2011 and it made the papers in Sydney and in London.  It was the best advertising I have ever received and a phenomenal number of people joined out of support for the ‘little guy’.The only result from that law suit was me making more money, them spending a lot of money on lawyer and I lost a couple of .com domain names.  Funny thing is, today is more successful and twice as many people read

    If they were serious they could just email me and we could sit down and figure out what would be acceptable to them and what I could work with.  But alas – the iconic Australian brand is owned by some faceless corporation in the Netherlands and they are happy to waste money on lawyers.

  • Speaking of ‘grey’ maybe this afternoon I should watch that 50 Shades of Grey – I started reading the book and got about 1/3 the way through it.  What did you guys think about it?

OK, I’m back to finish getting those new movies online.  Let me know what you think about the new header image guys.

Cock Ring with White Speedo Swimsuit

April 21st, 2015

Evil Speedo Corporation

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Looks like the Evil Speedo Corporation has their speedos in a bunch over my websites again.

They have tried to close my sites for years and even took me to the High Court of Australia way back.  My argument was and still is that ‘speedo’ has become a generic term.  Just like aspirin, heroin, dry ice, app, zip code, adrenalin, bubble wrap, dumpster, jet ski, super heros.  I also argue that if anything I am promoting their product.

Obviously, they don’t see it the same way.

So a couple of domains names aren’t working.

That is actually all.  So not that big a deal.  I’ll probably add some new domains next week so that search engines will find me a little easier.

In the mean time, I really appreciate everyone’s support and the best way to show that is to join my site (was until the Evil Speedo Corporation took that away).

Black Speedos

September 5th, 2014

2,000th Blog Post

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Can you guys believe that this is my 2,000th blog post!!!

Even if each post was only half a page of text that would be one thick arse book.

My first post was on May 9th, 2005 (although I write it on April 5th).  The blog was started after a really hot threesome with some room mates (a guy/girl couple) at an end of season party and I felt like I just had to share that experience with someone.

That someone has turned into a few more someones over the last 8 years and 10 months.

Although statistics have fluctuated over the years, right now the readerships is over 5,000 unique visitors per day.

I’d have to sit down and figure out how many readers I’ve met in person but it would be around 10 I’d think (not bad considering I’m technically in the closet).

During this time I was sued by the Evil Speedo Corporation which made news in Australia and the UK, it also resulted in my biggest traffic days (over 20,000 unique visitors in one day during those shenanigans).

The positive feedback I’ve received from you guys has been what has kept this blog going and me motivated to keep writing.  There have been 6,608 comments and I can honestly say that I’ve read every single one..

Thank you guys and as long as you keep coming back, I’m sure I’ve got another 2,000 posts in me.

Black Speedo

February 14th, 2014

Dave (Evans) vs Goliath (evil Speedo Corporation)

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I got the idea for this post from one of the dozen or so negative comments I get a week.

The usual religious wackos, anti-gay guys, jealous people and just nasty people who obviously enjoy reading my blog and taking time out of their lives to message me.  One of the comments last week on my post about returning to Aussie in February was a very happy person saying how much the Aussie media is looking forward to my return in light of something that happened over 2 years ago.

2 years ago the Evil Speedo Corporate sued me in the Australian High Court over using the word speedo.  I emailed the judge and told him that obviously I couldn’t afford to defend myself and that my use of the word speedo was in the generic context.  The judge was nice but told me it didn’t matter.  I might have hinted that his judgement wouldn’t really matter either as I thought it would be difficult to impose any restrictions or penalties.

I did go to the court, nobody recognised me although I was probably the only person in the court room wearing speedos (under my jeans).  The Evil Speedo Corporation had a full table of expensive lawyers and my poor table had nobody.  The judge ruled in their favour, I was never allowed to utter the word speedo ever again.

Doesn’t really seem like much has changed.

What I found quite ironic was that the mainstream press I received in Australia and the UK (where the Evil Speedo Corporation is based after some faceless conglomerate bought the iconic Australian brand) was fantastic for business.

Back to the nasty comment I received last week, I really don’t think the Australian media will be at the airport waiting for me – would be good for business though.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, I had a big one on Friday night and now that it is Sunday afternoon I’m starting to feel normal again.

Here are some guys wearing speedos for you guys (not Speedo speedos).

Andrew Christian SpeedosArena SpeedosAussieBums at BeachTyr SpeedosCasual SpeedoMarium SpeedosWhite SpeedoNike Speedo

December 15th, 2013
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