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Jammers or Speedos

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Which of these guys would look much better in speedos?

Speedo Friends at the Beach

August 11th, 2016

The Perfect Speedo Movie

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You guys have to check out this latest addition to the movies archive over on

This to me is the perfect speedo movie, it has everything:

  • Beautiful young, fit guys wearing speedos.
  • The guys speedos look amazing and fit perfect.
  • The pool at this mansion is beautiful.
  • The guys suck and fuck each other for over 25 minutes!!!
  • Of course, the movie is in HD.

If you’d like to watch this – head over to, click the ‘Join’ button and within less than 30 seconds you could be watching this movie and stretching the front of your speedo.

May 16th, 2016

Groups of Guys in Speedos

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As I promised you guys yesterday, here is a collection of guys just chilling out in speedos.

I really think I need to pull the trigger and join some kind of group where there are guys in speedos.  Over in Colorado Kip has just joined a ‘Masters’ (he is mid 20’s but that counts as Masters these days) swimming group at the Rec Center.

Maybe I should do something like that this winter.  What do you guys think?

And holy cow, I can’t believe I haven’t told you guys about a recent development I’ve had.  I don’t have time now but I will share it with you tomorrow or the next day – I have an amazing new speedo movie on so I might share some screen shots of it tomorrow.

I sound like an ADD kid so here are the photos, man I wish I was just in the middle of any of these.

April 11th, 2016

Sneaky Dick Touch

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Good Monday morning guys, how was everyones weekend?

Not a whole lot here, partied a little too hard on Saturday night and ended up suffering a little bit yesterday but today is a new week and I’m excited about some things I’m working on.

I have a batch of photos of guys in speedos and this photo here is one of them…. what a great looking bunch of speedo guys!!!

Speedo Guys

I did notice something in this pic though, the 2nd guy from the left is getting a sneaky little fondle in.

Just imagine what these guys get up to in the locker room after practice.

Sneaky Dick Touch

April 10th, 2016

Kip is Blond

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Did you guys know that blonde is female and blond is male?  I only just found that out.

Anyone, someone who reads my blog hung out at Kip’s place over the weekend.  He asked me not to write about it and since I value my discretion I will not discuss what we got up to.  But, this guy was surprised when he met Kip, firstly that Kip is so handsome for a computer geek AND that Kip is blond.  I didn’t think I had lead anyone astray but yes Kip is hot and blond.

I honestly don’t have any bias when it comes to hair colour, as long as pubic hair is maintained appropriately – hehehe.  But, when it comes to chicks, I have only ever been with blondes.  Again, not any personal bias, just the way things have worked out….

It isn’t that I prefer blondes, it is that blondes prefer me?

Blond GuyBlond Speedo GuyBlonde Guy in SpeedosCute Blonde in Speedos

March 1st, 2016
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