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Kip’s Punishment – Part 1

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Finally I’ve got a chance to sit down and tell you guys about how I punished Kip for chickening out and not wearing speedos to the hot springs a couple of weekends ago.

A quick little bit of background, Kip is my server admin and keeps all this speedo porn flowing down the pipes.  We have worked together for more than 5 years no and it turns out that Kip loves speedos and is openly gay which is great.  Each year I try and come over to Breckenridge for some snowboarding and hottubs and speedos and a combination of all those things – hehehe.  I suppose one could say that Kip and I are work mates, speedo mates and fuck buddies.

While Kip is openly gay and I’m more in the closet (particularly among my friends and family), Kip isn’t used to wearing speedos in public where I don’t care about it.  Might just be an American thing.  Kip does wear speedos in his own hottub and is a huge speedo fan (maybe not as much as I am).

Last weekend Kip decided we should go on a little bit of a road trip and explore some of the hot springs in Colorado.  Sounds bloody awesome to me!!!

There were three planned stops, Glenwood Springs which is a huge pool complex, Radium Hot Springs which is a natural pool on the Colorado River and Hot Sulfur Springs which is a smaller commercial complex with lots of little pools.

Before we left Breckenridge on this road trip I discovered that Kip was thinking of chickening out and not wearing speedos to all the springs.  He wasn’t sure and said he’d think about it and see how busy it was or see if other people were speedo’ing it up.  I was definitely going to be speedo’ing it up and even more so if Kip chickened out.  Then we decided to have a wager on this.

The terms we came to on this bet was the following: if either of us did not wear speedos then that person would have to watch the other person have sex first in front of them without being involved in any way.

I was pretty confident that I’d wear speedos to each of the hot springs but I think Kip was a little concerned…..

I’m not sure why he was so scared but seeing the two of us looking great in our speedos would be fun.

To be continued…….

March 8th, 2018

Speedo Mates

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I have just been talking to Kip online, we talk pretty much every day and even though our schedules are pretty random the time difference doesn’t screw us up too much.  Kip has been snowboarding a few days in Colorado and we were talking about my trip over there this winter.  I’m thinking I might head over for the month of February.  Sounds like a long time but it is a pretty cheap trip, season pass ($500) and flights are my only big expenses.

That is the rough plan, I’ll look at some flights this week.

One thing I really enjoyed when Kip was here and when I was living at his place in Colorado was that we both hung out (hehe) in speedos pretty much all the time.  I hang out in my speedos most of the time when I’m in the house on my own but having someone else in the house hanging out in speedos was fun.  A slap on the arse was rather common.

I’ve never lived with a girl for any real period of time and I wonder if str8 couples walk around the house wearing less clothes than they would otherwise?

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December 1st, 2014

More Speedo Mates

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I had too many hot photos of mates playing around in speedos to post them all yesterday so I thought I’d post more today for you guys.  I really hope you don’t mind – hehehe.

It has been a great response to my DE Swimwear.  Some previous members of have gotten in touch and I will send them a pair as well.  I’m really excited about this project and I think it is going to be fun having the feedback from you guys along the way.

OK, I better get back to some work.

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August 3rd, 2014

Speedo Friends

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One half of the holidays (and the crazy season) is over, one more to go with New Years Eve.  Hopefully then things will quieten down here.

Everything for my move back to Aussie at the end of the month is pretty much lined up.  The house I’m renting is perfect, right on the beach and I’ve rented it before and the landlord is a good guy.  Kip is going to come over in April/May, hopefully for a while.  He has never been to Australia before so he is excited and I’m excited to have a speedo friend to hang out with.

The group of friends that I hang out with on the Central NSW Coast are all str8 guys, half of them are married now.  All really good guys and none of them are homophobes but I keep some of my sexual preferences close to my chest around those guys.  I know when ever I post something like this I get a bunch of guys who are out and proud tell me off but this is my choice and I’m happy with it.

A friend in town here is having a birthday today so I’m sure there will be some shenanigans tonight.  I’m up early and going to go for a swim once I finish this blog post but I might have to have an afternoon nap if I’m going to smack it up tonight.

How are you guys enjoying the holidays?

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December 30th, 2013
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