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White Out, White Speedos

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The snow has started falling again here in Breckenridge and since I felt like I could barely see the ground Kip and I called it an early day and we are back in the office.

Now, I’m not sure about your workplace but the workplace here at Kip’s consists of the two of us sitting at the kitchen table, 5 computer monitors between us, Bloomberg on Kip’s 60″ TV and most important… our work uniform is speedos.  When I say speedos, I mean speedos only (technically we are both wearing socks as well).

My uniform today is a white AussieBum speedo, Kip is wearing a classic black lycra speedo which looks fantastic on him.  I’ve got a feeling that once I finish this blog post I might sneak under the table and start licking the front of his speedo.  What do you guys think?

What speedos are you wearing today?

White Speedos

February 4th, 2017

White Speedos

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What did you guys get up to today?

I was part of a new Guinness Book of World Records shot ski….  “What is a shot ski?” I hear you ask…..  it is when you put multiple shot glasses on a ski and drink as a one.  We had to register so perhaps Kip and I will be in some formal record of the event.

Other than that, we started drinking early today so I thought I’d give you some speedo eye candy before Kip and I get into the hottub.  And since I’m wearing white speedos I thought I’d share this cutie with you.  The speedo solar (which has 1″ sides and a seam down the front and the back) is a classic.

White Speedo SolarWhite Speedo Solar Speedos

January 12th, 2017

Grindr to the rescue

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The surprise that I had lined up for you guys is being delayed.  I’ve got a mate from Sydney up this weekend and Surfer Chick is coming over for dinner so I might not be online as much as I want to be when I launch this new ‘thing’.

This week was looking like a pretty ‘dry’ one for me with Alex out of town on work stuff and Surfer Chick in Sydney the first half of the week.

So, my old savior Gindr came to the rescue on Thursday.  I really wonder what we ever did without it.  The guy I got talking to lived about half an hour from my place and he hosted, he was a bottom and he wore a pair of speedos for me (black speedo solars like the ones pictured below).  It was good to ‘get a shot off’ so I’m not so tightly wound this weekend – hehe.

My mate from Sydney who is coming up is doing some bike training ride up here.  Unfortunately, he is 100% str8 so no hanky panky on the cards (unless Surfer Chick wants us both….. just throwing it out there incase she is reading this).  I will get to have a lycra clad straight guy wandering around the house all weekend though which isn’t too bad.

Have a good weekend guys and I’ll talk more on Monday about my new ‘thing’.

Speedo Solar

July 10th, 2015

Speedo Student is back….

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Hawaii Speedo Student, aka Corbett Harper is back.  I haven’t seen or heard from him in a while but I received an email from him last week asking if he can join the

Anyone can join (it is free).  I had a pretty big weekend so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and have a chat with him but it is great to see him on the forum again.

Here are some pics that Corbett has posted already, love those AussieBum Coolabah’s, I have a pair of those in my speedo collection, and those Speedo Solars look just fantastic!!!

Drop in and join the forum and chat with Corbett.  When you register, shoot me an email with your username so I can activate your account.

Speedo Student Wearing AussieBum SpeedosCorbett HarperSpeedo Student Corbett Harper

June 15th, 2015

Sunday Spit Roast

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My incredible horny’ness yesterday was cured by my old friend Grindr.

What did gay guys do before the internet and grindr?

It didn’t take too long on Grindr when I changed my info to:

“I want to be the Sunday Spit Roast. Love speedos, can host or travel.”

I had a couple of responses pretty quickly but it was a couple who caught my attention.  They are mid 30’s, in a long term relationship and like to spice things up a little bit every now and then.  The guys had a nice house about 20 mins up the coast, it had a pool but we didn’t really make it out of the living room.

They knew I love speedos and I wore my white speedo solars and they were both wearing speedos under their jeans as well.

It was really hot.  With my recent experiences with Alex it feels like I’m walking on egg shells a little bit making sure I don’t freak him out and I am doing a lot more work than he is too.

This experience was the complete opposite!!!

These guys worked me over.

It was pretty hot and maybe this could become a slightly regular thing.

And yes, they did spit roast me – hehehehe.

Gay ThreesomeGay Sex ThreesomeThreesome Sex

May 11th, 2014
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