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Lazy Saturday

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Just a bit of a lazy Saturday here in Colorado.  It has been snowing on and off all morning and Kip and I have just been sitting around doing a bit of work.

I think I should go for a swim at the Rec Center and tonight I’m cooking a roast dinner for Kip and his sister.

I have my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos on so I should put some jeans on and walk over to the pool.

 ADIDAS Speedos

If I see this guy at the pool I might bring him home for Kip.

Black Speedo Swimmer

March 10th, 2018

Alex’s Speedo Tan

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I told you guys how tight Alex’s arse was when I fucked him for the first time after getting back from Colorado.

What I forgot to tell you guys is how amazing his speedo tan looks!!!  Alex is training in the pool a bunch and of course he is only ever wearing speedos.

His butt does look tastey!!!

Today I posted about chick tan lines over on my bisexual blog – if you are interested.

Speedo Tan

March 23rd, 2016

Speedos at the Pool

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Why didn’t anyone tell me this was Easter weekend?  I had no idea until yesterday morning that it was Good Friday.

So it turned out Friday wasn’t very good for me at all, no swim with Alex, no sex with Alex and the weather is still rotten!!!

I did get to the pool on Thursday though, being a crappy day I swam for ages and I am still feeling it two days later.

One of guys in town has invited me to Easter breakfast but otherwise I don’t have too much on this weekend, how about you guys?  Is there any speedo weather anywhere in the world?

Swimmer in SpeedosSwimmer in the PoolSwimmers BodySwimmers Butt

April 3rd, 2015

ISO Swimming Pool

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I’m in search of a swimming pool to do some laps here in San Francisco guys.

The neighbourhood I live in is ‘Lower Haight’ (right near Duboce Park).  I was thinking that maybe I’d be able to swim down near the whalf as I’d seen guys swimming down there on previous trips to the city.  However, that is wayyyyy too cold for my liking and it is a bit far to travel.

I’m keen to hear any suggestions and if there are guys like this at the pool…. sign me up.

June 27th, 2012

Speedo Swimmers

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I was just running some server updates over the last 24hrs so I had to turn the blog off for a little while.  Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.

I really need to stop working so much and spend some more time at the pool.  If only these guys were at the pool I’d be more motivated.

Actually – my pool here isn’t as good as the one in Sydney (where there were lots of speedo guys) but all of the lap swimmers here are in speedos which is good to see.  How is it at your local pool?

September 1st, 2010
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