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Beer with the Married Guy

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I’ve been dying to tell you guys about the Married Guy (aka Tony), this happened a week (which was last Tuesday) but I’ve been flat out busy and there have been some new developments but I did manage to write most of this in the days immediately afterwards when it was fresh in my mind.

Last time I spoke about this (click here to read the blog post), I had texted/sms’d Tony saying I’d love to grab a beer and he suggested Tuesday afternoon after a swim.  There were a couple of messages back and forth and we agreed to meet at the pool at 1pm, swim and grab a beer near the pool in Gosford.

So on Tuesday, last Tuesday, I was at the pool a bit before Tony and I noticed him swimming in the lane beside me after 10 minutes or so.

I don’t know how your mind work but mine goes to sex a LOT. I had naughty thoughts of Tony and I heading to the change rooms after our swim and doing all sorts of naughty things to each other in our AussieBum speedos and maybe then washing it down with a beer. I was up for it, I didn’t jerk off that morning (which I usually do) but I did masturbate over the weekend thinking of Tony and I in the change rooms.

My fantasy couldn’t have been further from what actually happened. Tony and I jumped out of the pool, I was ready to go to the change rooms if that is what he had in mind but he started just getting dressed there beside the pool as we usually do. The nylon AussieBums are handy that way because they dry much quicker than traditional lycra.

So we went and had a beer at a local pub.  We talked business, how Tony ended up here on the coast, I described my business as ‘server admin stuff’ and didn’t mention what I really do for work.

And that was kinda it.  I was a little bummed on the drive home, I was seriously horny and now I’m even less sure that any speedo sex with happen with Tony and that he is just a nice guy who likes swimming.

That was all about to change.


More tomorrow guys….. of course, I’ve written a LOT more and it is available on my site  C’mon I’ve gotta give my members the goodies first since it is because of them that all this keeps running.  Joining is only $4.95 and I think that is pretty awesome.

I promise to post more about this tomorrow.

Beach Men

June 15th, 2017

Speedo Foolery

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Last nights BBQ, I mean grilling, was a ball.

Ended up about a dozen people, Kip’s sister was there and her new boyfriend (she always has a new boyfriend) and things were very much speedo friendly.

Most of us ended up in speedos handing around the hottub.  Nothing too naughty although Kip did get a late night drunken ramming when we finally made it to bed around 3am.  Once I finish this blog post he might be in for some more punishment – hehehehe.

There is definitely a sexual tension between Kip’s sister and myself.  It is weird but we are all adults so it is fine.  I think she is an awesome chick but her brother being an employee and a fuck buddy of mine kinda complicates things.

I’m sure some pics will be posted from last night on Facebook but here are some pics from another speedo friendly party of a bunch of just normal guys for you guys to enjoy this morning.

Guys in SpeedosThree guys in speedosCute guy in black speedosFooling around in speedosStraight Guys in SpeedosSpeedo Foolery

July 6th, 2013
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