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Sunday Morning Surf

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Sunday morning here in Australia and I’m back into the routine… the routine of getting up early (even with a hangover) and going for an early Sunday morning surf with the boys.

What a glorious morning it is as well!!!

Today I wore white speedos under my wetsuit and I only wish that the white speedos was all that I was wearing while surfing.  I’m sure most of you guys know the liberating feeling of wearing ONLY speedos.  I get that exhilarating feeling in hottubs and stuff BUT the other day when I went for a run and stripped down to my red speedos on the beach… that is something amazing.

Maybe I’m crazy but let me know (leave a comment) if you agree with me.

OK, I have a full days work ahead of me. The Swannies (Sydney Swans AFL team) are playing later today so I’m getting we’ll be BBQ’ing.  I love being on holidays but it is nice to be back.

White Speedo SolarSpeedo Solar in White

March 11th, 2017

Wearing Speedos When Surfing

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I love being in the ocean and love surfing although I am absolutely horrible at it.  I am a much better snowboarder and I have spent a lot of time trying to surf but I’m still pretty horrible.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some pics of some hot guys surfing in speedos.  Surfing in speedos is just not really done here which is a shame because some of my surfing mates would look amazing wearing speedos.  Luckily at the pool where I swim laps most of the guys do wear speedos.

There aren’t a whole lot of pics of guys surfing in speedos but here are a few that I found (I know some of them are surf club guys but kind of close).  The gallery is available for blog members – click here to join for just $5.

Surfing in Speedos

December 29th, 2015

Surfing Date

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On Friday night I met this chick at the pub and we have a surfing date this morning.

Turns out she went to uni (college) with some of my buddies up here and she has recently returned to town after living and working overseas for a while.

I’m told she is a ripping surfer and since I’m a pathetic surfer the boys suggested she take me out.  Since Friday we’ve exchanged a few text messages and she is keen and will be arriving here in an hour or so.

After surfing I’m going to cook up some breakfast and see how things go.  There won’t be too much flesh on display as we’ll both be wearing wetsuits but it should be fun.

I won’t post much about it here but check out my blog for any of my str8 developments.

Speedo SurfingSurfing in Speedos

June 14th, 2015

Surfing in Speedos

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I’m not sure why but I’m up nice and early, strange for a Sunday.  The boys are coming over at about 7am for a surf.  Looking a little overcast so might be wetsuit weather again.

I really think it is a shame that I can’t go surfing in a speedo.  I think I’d wear my Turbo speedos (like the guy in the header image) since they are a more heavy duty material.

These guys don’t mind surfing in their speedos.

Speedo SurfingSpeedo SurferBlue Turbo Speedo SurferBlue Speedos

The thing that annoys me about nto being able to surf in speedos is that the surf life saving guys can.  Even the surf boy guys, who are normally pretty masculine guys, they always wear speedos.

Life Saver in SpeedosPaddle Board Speedo Guy

November 29th, 2014

Groups of guys in speedos

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The weather continues to be fantastic and I’m up early for a surf with the boys…. not sure if Kip will make it this morning after a bit of a late one at the pub last night.

I thought I’d post some pics for you guys – I love these groups of guys wearing different speedos.  That look fantastic!!!

I think I will wear my new Turbo speedos under my wetsuit this morning for a change.  I wish I could just go for a surf wearing only speedos but that wouldn’t quite be socially acceptable.  Shame.

Team Mates wearing SpeedosBoys wearing Turbo SwimwearWaterpolo Team

September 27th, 2014
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