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Three Boys in a Vail Hottub

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With a blog post title like “Three Boys in a Vail Hottub” I’m sure it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Kip and I met Jeff (a blog fan who contacted me after reading that Kip and I were going to have a day boarding in Vail) at the Buffalo Restaurant at 10am and he was just as nice as he sounded in his email.  Jeff is about 35yo, finance guy who lives in New York but was from Colorado and has a pad in Vail now.  The three of us tore up the mountain and had about 3 runs on ‘Lovers Leap’ (bottom pic in last nights blog post).  We didn’t stop for lunch and at 3:30pm Jeff asked us if we wanted to ride the famous ‘Minturn Mile’.

I had never been down there before as I never really had a local to show me where to go so we jumped at the chance.  The run was awesome although a bit of a bitch in some parts on a snowboard.  The best part was the kewl little pub, I mean saloon at the bottom where we enjoyed a few litres of margaritas.

From there we caught a cab back to Vail and it was definitely time for a hottub.  Kip and I were wearing AussieBum’s under our snowboard pants of course and Jeff joined us in his very private hottub in his own blue AussieBums.  We kept drinking and chatting and by now the three of us were like old friends.  Jeff did seem a little nervous though and when we got out of the hottub to grab another round of drinks Kip and I decided to move things along and maybe help Jeff with his nervousness…..

The two of us stood up in his hottub and started making out.

It wasn’t long until both of us were hard and really getting into the moment.  I heard the door slide open as Jeff returned but Kip and I kept up out kissing and by now were were grinding our cocks together through the front of our AussieBum speedos.

Jeff just stood there with our drinks.

After a short while (maybe 20 seconds) Kip and I broke off our embrace and both looked at Jeff.  He mumbled that he didn’t want to interrupt.  Then Kip replied:

Well Jeff, we were hoping that you’d not just interrupt us, but that you’d join us.

I took the drinks from Jeff as he got into the hottub and while standing up he and Kip started making out.  The view was amazing and I soaked it up.

I’ve gotta duck down to do some grocery shopping guys and I think I’m going to finish this story when I get back.

I will post it up on (yes you have to pay a whole $2.95 to be a member) but it is what helps me buy packets of noodles.

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