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Hot Speedo/AussieBum Movie

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This is the latest movie I’ve added on my site I really love this movie because it reminds me of when I lost my gay virginity. My experience was at a friends pool, it was dark and we had both stripped off our board shorts and were just wearing speedos.

We were just messing around and the touching slowly became sexual. We ended up leaving the pool, going up to my friends bedroom, locking the door and we sucked each other off.

And you wonder where I get my speedo fetish from? Enjoy this speedo movie guys. And if you want to watch the entire clip, splash out the $5 and become a member.

AussieBum Teens

Teen Speedo Sex

May 31st, 2017

Swim Team Doctor

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Good afternoon everybody, Monday here in Colorado.  Kip and I spent the weekend being very well behaved and doing a whole bunch of work and not very much snowboarding, it was super busy with the MLK Holiday weekend and all the snow that we received last week.

Now that we are on top of things I can sit down and share with you guys one of the hottest speedo stories I’ve read in ages.

Tomorrow Kip and I will be back snowboarding and I plan on going for a swim after lunch and unlike last time, I promise that I will speedo it up.  I’m going to take one of my fans advice and wear my Aussie Turbo speedos.  If you are at the Rec Center keep an eye out for me…..

And here is the story, I found it over the weekend oging through an old version of my site  It was written by one of my first members and I had forgotten all about it.  Enjoy guys.

I am a junior in high school. Back when I was a freshman I was one of the trainers for the freshmen swim team because I knew a lot about sports injuries because my father was a doctor. I had never thought of being gay or had ever experimented at all. But all that changed after my freshman year as the manager of the swim team.

As every one got out of the pool in their speedos which were red in the front and white in the back, team colors, Patrick approached me. I had been swimming myself because I was on the team as well as being a manager. I was 5′ 10″ with a muscular build, firm pecs and abs, strong legs, big biceps, blond hair, a tan everywhere except under my speedo. Patrick had the same swimmer’s type build as I did only with brown hair. He asked me if I could look at his thighs because they were giving him some trouble when he swam. I told him to dry off and meet me in the medical room, which was just a room in the gym with a padded table. As I entered he was sitting on the table still in his speedo like me. I welcomed him and told him to lay face down on the table so I could look at the back of his thighs. His muscular butt was in full flex showing how tight it was, something I didn’t usually take time to look at. After I felt his thighs I discovered they were just cramped up and needed a massage to work the cramp out I asked him if he could stay longer to have the massage and he gladly said yes.

As I began to rub the back of his thighs we started talking about school and tests. Then after a brief pause he asked me if I had ever had sex. After another pause I told him I had sex with a girl earlier in the year. He told me he had had his dick sucked by a girl this year too. Then the conversation took a twist and he asked me if I had ever had gay sex. I immediately said no as I laughed at such a strange question. He also said no quickly. Then he asked in a strange tone what it would be like. I said that I had no idea with a smile that said this is getting wierd. After a very long pause he finally got more to his point and Patrick asked if he could suck my cock. I immediately stopped massaging his thigh and looked at him in disbelief.

Patrick said, “C’mon, it won’t be that wierd, all I want to do is try it.”

Then I said, “Won’t that be wierd though if I get a hard-on?”

Patrick said, “I won’t tell anyone so it won’t matter. C’mon, all you have to do is stand right where you are.”

After all of his pleading I said alright but not for too long. Patrick then leaned on his side and motioned me to stand in front of his mouth by the table. I looked at his speedo as I moved around the table and he had a huge boner from the excitement. As I stood in front of him he pulled my speedo down just past my cock and looked in amazement. I was impressive at my age being 5″ soft and 8″ hard. I was soft at the moment not quite sure what exactly was going to happen. Then Patrick grabbed my dick and began to suck, I forgot how good it felt, i was hard in seconds. Patrick looked at me a gave the best smile he could with a dick in his mouth. I began to moan as Patrick took my cock deeper in his mouth. Within seconds i had grabbed the back of his head and was pumping it over my rock hard prick. We were both moaning in delight as he kept polishing my dick with his mouth thank God everyone had left the gym. Finally I felt something, something very good, and then from my dick came hot white semen all nto Patrick’s mouth, I couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he was going to spit it out but then he swallowed it right in front of me. I looked at him in disbelief.

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January 16th, 2017

Super hot speedo movie

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As I promised yesterday, I have a new movie for you guys to sample (if you aren’t a member, it is only $5…. then you’d be able to watch this too).

Tattoo’s are really my think, maybe I’m a few years too old and missed the trend but these guys are just delicious!!!  I’ve been jerking off to this movie for the last 3 or 4 days.  I really love the guy in blue speedos and there is a great making out/kissing part of the movie where the guys are standing up and the guy in blue speedos has a huge boner which is stretching the front of those blue speedos.

Click here if you’d like to join for just $5 and watch this movie right now.

Speedo Twinks

December 21st, 2015

Swim Team Mates (movies!!!)

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It has only been about 3 weeks since I launched this Members area of my blog and I’ve been amazing at the response and support from you guys.

I understand not everyone wants to join a big proper adult site, like, and it seems this members area is a way that you guys can show your support and keep the blog running and a big portion of it free.

This week I’m going to post 5 sample movies for you guys, I’ll post one each morning when I get up.  There will be the usual posts but this is something special for you guys as a sign of my appreciation.

If you guys have any tips, hints, comments, criticisms I’m all ears.

Scene 1 from this really hot movie.  The premise of the movie is a bunch of hot 18yo guys, all are part of a swim team and they are just fooling around in their team maroon speedos.  There are 5 scenes in total…. enjoy the week guys.

Becoming a Premium Member is only $5 a month – pretty amazing I know!!!

Teen Gay Couple in the PoolGay Swimmers in Locker RoomGay Teen Couple Kissing in SpeedosLocker Room Gay SexTeen Gay Threesome in the Pool

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September 19th, 2015

Nerd gets his cock sucked

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Justin, standing erect over the lifeless body of Dave the swimmer jock, gets to his knees and gives dave a little smack on the face.

“Hey, Hey!, me and your ex Brooke here are going to do a little something to you.”

Dave weakly replies “Whhaaat” moaning with little energy.

“So heres how its gonna go, I am going to stick my cock into your mouth and you are going to suck me until i cum” Justin explains.

“Helll no” Dave barely makes out.

“Oh, you dont WANT to? Well its not exactly going to be a choice here unless you want me to kick your ass again in front of your smoking hot ex.”

Dave’s head rolls to one side and he happens to see Brooke bent over rummaging through a box. Staring at her jet black thong, his bulge in his skin tight blue speedo starts to grow.

“Found it!” Brooke excitingly says.

Justin smirks at Dave as Dave lays in confusion. Brooke walks back over to the two boys and begins to latch somehting to her waist. Its a strap-on dick, and by far the biggest one any of them have ever seen.

“See heres how it goes, Brooke is going to be fucking you on your hands and knees and ill be laying down in front of you so you have to bare the fucking and suck me until i cum, and if you do a good job, i might let you go after.” Justin says.

“Ughhh” Dave moans as he accepts his task knowing there isnt any other way out.

Dave climbs to his knees very slowly and weakly and gets onto all fours.

“Ah, ah ,ahh, stand up first.” Brooke commands.

Dave gets to his feet as Brooke lowers her head and pulls the drawstring of the blue speedo with her teeth and slowly pulls the last item of clothing off of Dave leaving him complelty naked. Dave gets back to his hands and knees completly naked and awaits his punishment. Justin ties Dave’s hands behind his back so he doesnt try to struggle. Brooke lathers up the strap-on dick with lube and slowly enters Dave through his rear, making him gasp in pleasure and uncomfort simultaneously. Brooke inches the dick in more and more until hte entire strap on is in Dave.

“Better get started on me Dave.” Justin smirks, laughing at the sensation on Dave’s face.

Dave lowers Justins red speedo, revealing an already hard 10 inch cock. Dave goes at it as he lowers his head rapidly on Justins cock.

“Wow, hey dont make me cum too fast”, Justin remarks with a smile on his face.

Dave continues to get rammed from behind as he races to make Jusin cum. Faster and faster he sucks justin as the thrusting from his Ex continues to increase. Daves grunts slowly turn to moans as he begins to recieve the humiliation as pleasure. Justin approaches orgasm quite fast now after a few minutes and tries to hold it in as long as he can so that itll prolong Daves punishment. Justin lets out small increasing moans as Dave approaches the finally. Closer and closer justin gets, seconds away from reaching the point of no return. Dave stops the oral pleasure and looks up at justin, tormented by the sudden stoppage right before he was going to cum.

“What the fuck!” Justin yells in sexual agony,

After a few moments dave lowers his head 3 times on Justins cock leading him to the same point as last time, then stopped again. Justin becomes more angered by the second stoppage. DAve continues to get pounded by Brooke and he smirks at Justin, tormenting him.

“Thats it!” Justin angrily chuckles.

Dave lowers his head three more times attempting to do the same thing again, however, after dave stops sucking, Justin reaches his hand around the back of Dave’s head and grabs his hair while with his other hand furiously stroking his throbbing cock until an explosion of cum launches onto Dave’s face, squirt after squirt from the amazing orgasm. Brooke pulls out of Dave and nudges him so he rolls onto his back, still tied up behind his back. Brooke removes the strap on and drops in onto daves stomach. Justin pulls his speedo back on and gets dressed in his shorts and chuckles as he puts his arm around Brooke and leaves the gym.

October 31st, 2010
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