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Sunday Afternoon Speedo Fuck Session

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It is feeling rather wintery here in Breckenridge this Monday morning.

Yesterday afternoon however, it was pretty hot and steamy.

Josh (the 24yo who wanted to help me punish Kip) was just as gorgeous as his photos and he looked amazing in his classic black speedos.  I tied Kip to a chair and Josh and I made some sweet gay speedo love.  In the end we let Kip join in.

I’m in a bit of a rush right now but I will write about it in detail over the next couple of days if you guys are interested in the juicy, cum filled details.

Three Guys in White SpeedosThree Guys in Speedos

March 5th, 2018

Speedos or Nappies?

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Just a quick early morning post for you guys before I head out to Beaver Creek for the day.

I saw that you guys loved the new sample movies that I posted while I was in transit (scroll down 2 posts if you missed it).  I’ve got a bunch of new promo stuff that I have been working on which I’ll share with you guys where/when I can.

Back to today’s post – I saw these pics yesterday and the guys are super hot but I think those speedos are just too wide in the waist. Are they nappies or something a wrestler would wear?

What do you guys think?

White SpeedosThree Guys in White SpeedosTwo Guys in White Speedos

No doubt these guys are super hot but I prefer them in the speedos below.

3 Guys in Speedos

February 10th, 2015

Where is the snow?

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There is no snow here yet but the forecast is for ‘feet’ of snow up here in Breckenridge.

Kip and I are up early this morning anticipating the snow so we’ll do some work and once it starts dumping we’ll get out there amongst it. I’ll try and take some photos when it starts snowing.

In the mean time, here is some Tuesday morning eye candy – I wonder what the story is with these guys?  Looks like it was an event of some sort from the number (41) on the guy on the right’s shoulder.

Speedo Trio

April 9th, 2013

Cute guys in speedos

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Not much to post today guys – gorgeous blue bird day here in Breckenridge but instead of being out there and enjoying it, I’m inside and working away like a good little worker bee.

When I finish this blog post though I think Kip and I are going to go for a walk through town just to get outside.  We might even grab a beer somewhere on the way home.

Here is some eye candy for you guys (you can see a high def version as today’s “Speedo Photo of the Day“).  I wonder what the story is with these guys?  Oww the mind can wander.

Speedo Boys on a BoatSpeedos Plus BoatBoating in Speedo

February 4th, 2013

Friday Eye Candy

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Quiet Friday here guys, I think this weekend I’ll start packing up although I don’t really have that much stuff.  The weather forecast is still a little up in the air so I’m not sure if I’ll just drive East as fast as I can or if I’ll spend a couple of days on the way over, maybe Reno/Tahoe then duck south and spend a night or two in Vegas.  I’ll keep you guys posted.

I’m not even sure what I’m up to this weekend either but I have been invited to a couple of Halloween Parties so something will happen.

Anyway, I thought I’d post these three pics of three hot guys in speedos.  These photos touched a nerve with me because it looks very very similar to the steamroom where I had a threesome in Canada years ago.  It was that threesome, with a male/female couple that were my roommates for the winter that caused me to start writing this blog.

It was amazingly hot and I wrote about it in detail – you can read it in the ‘Stories’ section of my site (there are over 30 stories, half of which are mine and half were submitted by other members).  You should drop in and check it out.

Enjoy the eye candy and enjoy your weekend guys.

October 26th, 2012
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