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Productive Weekend

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I’m sure you all understand that some weekends are not very productive, partying, socializing, being hung over but sometimes there are productive weekends which I’ve just had…..

Got a bunch of work done, didn’t socialize too much, didn’t party or drink and surfed each day.  Now I’m up early on a Monday morning and ready to tackle the week.  This week is going to be fun.

First up, tomorrow I’m going to auction off my speedo collection…. the first part of the auction will only be available to blog members and members but I’ll open it up after I give those guys the first choice – you know you can join for $5 right?

Check out this gallery that I added to the members area of the blog – this was a photo shoot for a gay waterpolo club in Sydney that my friend Brenton Parry arranged a photo shoot for.  I’ve never played waterpolo myself but hanging around a bunch of fit guys who wear speedos…. I think I’d like it.

Aussie Waterpolo Team

Gay Sydney Waterpolo Team in their Speedos

November 12th, 2017

Sydney Waterpolo Team

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Not sure if you guys know Brenton Parry from the blog Aussielicious, but we’ve been online buddies for years. Brenton lives in Sydney and strangely enough our paths have never crossed in person. Apart from getting nude, Brenton is a bit of a photographer/artist and last year he took these photos for a Sydney waterpolo team and I think they are just amazing!!!

I just wonder what kind of hanky-panky these guys get up to in the change rooms/shower after practice. There is no way on the planet I would be able to stop myself from getting on my knees and sucking some of that speedo cock.

The other day I was doing some updates on Brenton’s blog and I asked him if he’d mind me sharing this photo shoot with you guys and he was more than happy to.

Here you go guys… (of course member get to see the entire gallery – click here to join now)

August 6th, 2016

Waterpolo Guys are soooo hot!!!

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An old blogging friend of mine Brenton took these pics for a Sydney waterpolo team.  Brenton has been blogging on his blog Aussielicious for maybe even longer than I have been which is crazy since I started this blog back in 2005.

Kip has Brenton’s blog on our servers and Brenton has always been the nicest of guys – funny enough we’ve never met in person though which I hope to rectify.

Brenton took these pics and allowed me to post them….  anyone else want to take up waterpolo?

Brenton’s blog is

Waterpolo SpeedoWaterpolo SpeedosWaterpolo Speedos

June 9th, 2014

More waterpolo speedo guys

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Not much happening here today guys.  Got a few turns in first thing this morning but back in the office pretty early.

Need to bang out some work and then hottub and Vodka, Lime and Soda as soon as the sun sets.  Middle of the week does feel kinda ‘blahhh’.

I’m submitting some more movies to GayTube today – I have to edit them all up so tomorrow I’ll post some samples for you guys of brand new movies that are over on

I think that I’ll have to do something crazy this weekend.  Enjoy these hot waterpolo boys.

March 7th, 2012
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