Tennis shoes and speedos… WTF?

Hey guys, any ideas what is going on here?

Guys wearing tennis shoes, half the guys are watching the two doing push ups, half the guys are looking somewhere else.

Darn there are some hot bodies there though!!!!

Speedo Push Ups

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3 Comments on "Tennis shoes and speedos… WTF?"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


My guess is that it is a swim team “dry land” practice. Probable the 2 guys doing push ups did something wrong.

I do agree that there are a lot of hot bodies there.

Sam Speedo


Lots of trim, taut and terrific bodies there for sure . . .

Love all the red speedos . . . quite erotic, really!

I think they’d look even better if they ditched the runners.

Dr. Phil

Don’t you know, it’s the Speedo Army! RAWR!

Oh, wait–they wear boots with their speedos. Damn…

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