The best orgasm I’ve ever had.

Ok guys – more of my story. You can read the first parts of this in earlier posts – just scroll down. I’ve been really busy since new years with work (working on some site redesigns which I’ll ask your opinions later this week). Also had some troubles with my net connection and I’ve been trying to organise a new one which has entailed me wasting last Thursday in town (I got a ride with a friend) and I have to go back down there tomorrow.

Matt left town yesterday (Saturday) but on Friday afternoon he dropped around and we had some fun. Once I finally finish telling you guys what happened on New Years I’ll spill the goss on Friday afternoon.

Man I need more hours in the day. Back to the story guys.

As I sat back in the hot tub I was absolutely exhausted. I thanked Matt and Julie telling them that it was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

I wanted to get started on servicing Matt but I needed a minute.

Matt asked – “Dave, would you mind if I mess around with Julie?�

“Go for it guys.� I replied. Apart from being absolutely rooted (mind the pun) I’m kinda scared that Julie will get too close. AND I’m more than happy to watch Matt have sex with anyone!!!

About this Julie chick getting too close – this does have me scared so keen to hear from any other guys out there if you’ve had a similar experience. I met Julie like 4 years ago when she was a first year instructor. Missed a couple of years in between but last year saw her around and she had a boyfriend – Henry. Henry was good bloke but she partied lots and I’m assuming that is why they split up. And she is very hot (for a chick) so I’m sure that last year she went home with some guys other than Henry.

Since I shagged Julie on the Friday before Xmas I hadn’t seen her but on New Years Eve she was all over me like a rash!!! So ‘granting’ Matt permission to shag her wasn’t even an option – I was happy for him to do it. Although it is going to be fun explaining it to Amy (Matt’s girlfriend and Julie’s long time best friend).

After my “Go for it guys� response Julie’s eyes lit up and she stood up and bent over the edge of the hot tub (she wanted it from behind – not ‘in the behind’). Matt got up and pulled his black Calvin Klein briefs to the side releasing his fully erect cock.

The way Matt pulled out his cock brought me back to life. That is that way I love to pull my cock out of my speedos or briefs as pulling them down at the front tends to squash my balls. Julie used a similar method as Matt took position behind her, she pulled her tiny little g-string to the right revealing her lips to Matt.

This was amazing – I’ve never seen a guy and girl fuck (I have seen lots of porn but not actually infront of me) and this was so close that Julie’s right ankle was touching my right arm.

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