This is how I’ve spent my day.

Last night was a hoot – stacks of people (just about everyone I know) over for dinner and I was the center of attention – everybody knew about my crash. I have decided to call it a crash instead of an accident – just sounds better.

The downside to a huge night (got to bed around 1am) is that I’m not feeling like doing too much today. So I’ve cranked up my little fireplace to warm the room up and I’ve been lazing around in a pair of navy AussieBum’s. Nikki and Matt are out so I was going to jump into the hottub BUT that won’t work because of my cast.

What I love most about lying around the house wearing speedos all day is that when I get horny (every couple of hours) I just have a wank. I might have to see what Antony is doing this weekend – I need something to suck on…..

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