This is why jockstraps were invented

Jockstraps aren’t something I’m all that familiar with.  In Australia I don’t know anyone who wears them and I’ve never seen guys wearing them in the change rooms or even when I’ve taken guys home.  I’ve never been a gym junkie so maybe those guys wear jockstraps more but I haven’t witnessed it.

I did buy an AussieBum jockstrap once and wore it during sex a few times but I always went back to speedos.

But, I do understand the appeal of a jockstrap when it come to be able to just tear off a guys jeans and go to town.

What do you guys think of jockstraps and do you wear them much?

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Darren said,  

I am a g-string guy myself, but the benefit is the same that you can get into the action as soon as the jeans are off, and if you are the wearer it controls your cock and improves the experience. I often cum in my g-string if I am being fucked.

Dave Evans said,  


I’m guilty of cumming when being fucked as well.

I have, on occasion taken a pair of scissors to an old pair of speedos to allow a guy access which definitely brings me to the edge and over it!!!


Ste said,  

I used to wear a jock in the gym, but speedos are more fun!

Mike said,  

I used to wear jocks to the gym or under jeans. Now it’s back to bikini underwear or speedos. Always speedos at the beach or pool. Some guys are jock straps only. To each his own. And yeah, I cum in my undies lots when some guy is in my ass.

Darren said,  

Dave I am glad I am not the only one who cannot hang on. Cumming in my g-string is a fantastic feeling especially when I can then fuck the other guy and cum again.

Kevin said,  

If you’re counting votes. I don’t like them at all. On me or others.

jmspeedos said,  

I personally love jockstraps during sex. I love having my bottom wear them and I hold onto the strap across his ass while I plow him. Super sexy!!

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