This made me feel better….

Swimmer wearing a pink speedo.

The doc came around after 3pm this arvo and told me I’d get to leave the hospital on Monday afternoon – yippie!!!

The cast on my left leg will come off in 5 weeks time but I won’t be able to snowboard again this season which sucks.

I just fell asleep for a couple of hours and the doc said that he is turning down my pain medication so I might get some headaches but nothing so far.

But now I’m awake and I’m going to try and go for a walk with my new crutches – should be like watching a baby learning to walk – I’m not that confident. And once I can get up and walk on my own I’m going to relieve my balls as they are twice their size with 6 days of cum in them. This is going to be the biggest load I have ever shot.

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