Time for some red speedos.

Red is always a popular speedo colour and I love them.

This first pic is one of mny earliest speedo pics that I saw online. This guy is cute, wearing red speedos and a clearly visible cock through the red lycra. Hmmmmm.

Cute guy wearing red speedos.

This second red speedo pic is pretty erotic – the six pack on this guy is amazing!!!

Guy with a six pack wearing red speedos.

3 Users Responded in " Time for some red speedos. "

Boston Kenn said,  

Thanks for the great pics. How many members do you have for your great site? Boston Kenn

Anonymous said,  

The first picture is of Kris Lord, a gay porn star from the early ’90s.

Zach said,  

i wanna have sex wif the top guy who iz on a biner he iz so hot

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