Time to get Speedo Fit

Kind of a grey old day here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and I’m up early and doing some house chores…. very boring indeed.

This summer I have been getting out and about and swimming a bunch but I really haven’t improved my fitness at all.  I think that should change before winter really sets in.

I’ve got some good road trips planned later this month as well which I’m excited about – going to be a bit of a lull for a week or so but then it will be much more fun.

Anyone know of a group of guys into speedo fitness like these guys below?

Speedo Guys ExercisingSpeedo Situp

And some motivation not to have that 2nd Oreo for dessert.

Black Speedo GuyModel Benjamin GodfreAussieBums at BeachWhite SpeedosBlue Speedo

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A said,  

Dave, you’re hard core if dessert consists of one Oreo. I think I need to come to YOU and learn about getting speedo fit.

Dr. Phil said,  

Oh, crikey, Dave…I may as well just give up and eat the whole box of Oreos, because I’ll never look like any of these guys!

I’ll be over here, crying softly as I eat my milk and cookies…


Ryan said,  

I actually had mini-Three Musketeers bars for dessert. I agree with A: you’ll need to swing by Detroit and help me get nice and Speedo trim as well.

I’m throwing the rest of the minis out right now.

Dave Evans said,  


Kip has one of those DVD fitness things – I think it is Insanity or P90 something. I tried it 2 days ago and I can barely lift my arms above my head.

I’ve never done anything like that before and considering how sore I am it must be good. Once I recover I might try it again.


MIBtm54 said,  

I haven’t seen any new posts in your blog in a number of weeks, Dave.

Is there something wrong with my computer, or have you been on hiatus?

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