Tom Daley is Bisexual

I didn’t realize that Tom Daley wasn’t out.  Now the world knows he is.

I met someone this spring…. and that someone is a guy.  It did take me by surprise a little bit.

I’m not surprised, are you?

Kinda like Ian Thorpe, everybody knows, nobody cares (anyone know what movie that quote is from?).

On a serious note, I’m not brave enough to ‘come out’ although I don’t feel it necessary for me to do so since I’m not sure who (or what sex) my partner will be.

I agree with Tom’s comment:

“In an ideal world I wouldn’t be doing this video, because it wouldn’t matter.”

If I start dating a girl, or a guy I promise that I’ll put up a YouTube video sharing the worldly wisdom I have gained during my 20 something years.

Either way good on him for coming out and of course I wish him the best.  Here is the link to the youtube video (click here to see it).

Don’t worry girls, he isn’t ruling you out just yet….

Of course I still fancy girls.

Either that means Tom Daley is bisexual or it is a shame that he had to say that when he is gay.  Like myself he might not really know yet either and that is just fine with me.

Here is some eye candy of Tom in his ADIDAS speedos.  YUMMY!!!!!!!

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3 Comments on "Tom Daley is Bisexual"

Let me know what you are thinking.....

Eric Rex

Big news. Dogs bark. Water is wet… 🙂

Sam Speedo

It’s a real (and continuing) shame that ‘news’ like this keeps getting attention. I suspect that when no-one eventually comes to care about a person’s sexuality/orientation we in the world will be a much more mature group of people.

Eric Rex implies this in his comment above.

I have heaps of gay and bi friends. I see them as my friends. I don’t see them as particularly different or special or weird or (anything else) because they are gay/bi etc. They’re people. They’re friends.

I think it’s wonderful that Tom Daley can come out today and say he’s attracted to men – given the silly attitudes of many folk in society who find this confronting. I guess I’m more concerned about the attitudes rather than the fact of Tom’s orientation . . .

It’s a shame, however, that this ‘coming out’ is seen by the media as ‘sensational’ or weird or strange or (insert any other adjective her)!

Good on you, Tom.

This ‘revelation’ hasn’t changed my views about you . . . i still think you’re an awesome sportsperson. And you look sensational in speedos, too.


Tom Daley is a great looking guy, he looks good in his speedos and who would not want to have a relationship with him, I would not mind.
Dave, your speedo photo of the day is great of this guy lying on the beach in the smallest of speedos barely covering his ass, I have admired this many times from your collection.

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