Too Much Muscle

A few of my mates here are cross-fit junkies, it seems like a cult sometimes.

I like going to the pool and going for long walks and hanging out in the ocean, I’ve never been a gym junkie.  I want to be lighter and faster, not bigger and stronger.

I will admit the cross fit guys are looking good and have lost a bunch of weight.  Anyway, last night I went to a party and the girl whose birthday it was is one of the cross fit nuts.  There were a bunch of muscle heads at the party and the whole thing broke up after some of the muscle heads started a fight and the police were called.  Talk about ‘roid rage.

On the topic of muscle heads I found these pics below, a little too much for me but I suppose they could do some push ups on me if they wanted.

Muscles Gay ThreesomeMuscles in Red Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


yeah…too much muscle…but what he has in the speedo…lol


Depending on what supplements he’s taking, what’s in his suit may be a limp sausage and not a stiff dick. A lot of these guys may have the muscle, but are hard pressed for a boner in bed

Kris Evans

Hey, Dave, are you just going to let them mock me?


Love a guy with some definition . . . largely because, as much as I try, I’m not built to naturally put on muscle! Kind of envious of guys who can. Ah well! Fleeting dreams . . .

At least, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got anyways. Slim etc in advancing middle age! lol I’d happily have any of the above do push-ups on me too, Dave.

As Spear correctly says . . . well defined guys (if helped with roids etc) usually have limp dicks and shrunken balls as a result!

At least mine are still in working order . . . several sprogs to prove it . . . lol


I share your view of guys with too much muscle. Keep things in proportion. I do yoga and some other functional fitness. A friend of mine developed a beach workout that involves lots of swimming/treading water/jogging/crunches on the beach. It’s intense but enjoyable.

I did it yesterday afternoon. The first circuit was in boardies, but I shed them in favor of my speedo, even though I was on a southern US beach where they are by far not the norm. I hate boardies.


So what would you suggest…..they not wear Speedos? Ha!

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