Turbo Speedos

I have been in the US for MLK Day before and I always seem to forget it until that weekend.  No disrespect at all it just isn’t a holiday I grew up with.

Kip and I were out snowboarding yesterday, yet another blue bird day and I couldn’t believe how busy it was.  Then I suggested that maybe we scoot over to Vail on Monday.  Kip thought I was crazy, go to Vail on a public holiday – ahhhhh the penny dropped.

Speaking of Kip – I’ll have to get a photo of his Aussie Turbo Speedos and his Xmas gift (do you guys remember what I got him other than the speedos?).  I’ll get that foto for you tomorrow.

Turbo Speedo

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

need more snow for your aussie friends..i would go to vail anyways.

Ryan said,  


Luis said,  

This boy is for me.., I Love him


Snowbrief said,  

Kip is a very wise, and lucky man! And I hope he is done editing your Armstrong comment because I am looking forward to it.

Also, I have been trying to get back into Swimmer Sexuality but haven’t heard anything back, and most of my messages get bounced back. Could you help me with that? Thanks

Handy said,  

Having the same problem Snowbrief. Frustrating.

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