Tyler is really hot!!!

I thought you guys might want to know that Tyler is SUPER HOT!!!!!

Lunch yesterday went well, he was nervous but by the end we were like old friends.

I didn’t want to put him on the spot so told him to get back to me with how he wants to progress with his first gay experience.  I didn’t think anything was going to happen yesterday and Tyler admitted that he had jerked off twice that morning he was so horny just about meeting me.

If and when the time comes I was thinking:

  • He could come over my place and we could just sit around in speedos until something ‘happens’.
  • He could join Alex and I for a swim on Friday and the three of us could play in the change rooms.
  • Hmmm – when I started this list I thought I had more ideas.  Do you guys have any ideas?

Here are some pics I found of guys who look surprisingly like Tyler….. yeah he is that hot.

And he said that he owns a pair of black lycra speedos and a pair of the Terrigal SLSC speedos which are blue.  I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair of those surf club speedos.

Pool Cutie in SpeedosBeach Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hi Dave,

Tyler should come over to your place and start hanging out in his Speedo. Ask if he wants to try to have Alex there sometime. Yeah let him come to you, see what he is comfortable doing first. The pool locker room is a bit risky for a first timer.


Yeah, I wouldn’t be suggesting the change room either. He’ll be nervous enough visiting your place. I think DeepKisser’s suggestions about letting him find out what he’s comfortable with is the way to go. I’d expect you to make some suggestions for action with him but he’ll be in a safe, friendly place with an option to say no!


Maybe you should be the one to take the lead. He is the one who approached you and it will be a heck of a lot easier for you to be the guide and make suggestions rather than put him on the spot and bluntly say what do you want. You suggest something and give him the opportunity to go along with it or say perhaps not today. Good on Tyler for taking the initiative in contacting you – he already has an idea where it will lead – help him out. I’m sure Dave is willing and able to help a mate out.
Take time and enjoy.


I remember the first time I put my mouth around another guys cock. I knew I had wanted to do that, but mentally it was a big step, then it seemed quite natural.

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