U is for Underwear Party

Last Thursday night the house had an Underwear Party – mainly to knock off U in the Alphabet Game.

There was the 6 house members (Amy, Julie, Samantha, Ian (aka Henry – Ian when I’m hammered), Will and myself),  a couple that Ian and Sam know from Washington State and a girl who works with Julie,  her name is Tamatha and I was given the heads up that she likes Will.

Calvin Klein Mens BriefRules of the party were that once you walked in the door it was underwear only.  I wore my new white Calvin Klein briefs with the red waist band and Will surprised the hell out of me when he got changed into a black Aussiebum Jockstrap!!!  He told me it was an end of season surprise for me (now what could that mean???).  Henry wore a white jockstrap which I was impressed with – particularly considering the couple that we had never met were friends of his.

The english girls (Amy and Julie) were both wearing matching bra and g-string sets – and they promised that once the newbies to the house were comfortable they would be loosing their bras.  Sam was probably dressed the most conservatively in a pair of very cute square cut boyleg panties and bra.

And the newbies – well Tamatha was the first to arrive – she was wearing something very similar to Sam.  I had seen Tamatha around town and knew her enuf to say hello but with us all not wearing much I’m sure we’ll have more to talk about tomorow than just the weather.  Matt and Kerri (Henry’s buddies from his home state) were the last to arrive.  Henry must have told them something about what we get up to in the house and Kerri was wearing a g-string with a bra and Matt was wearing a jockstrap as well.

AussieBum Jockstrap

I had been worried that I would be the only one wearing a brief and that the other guys would be wearing boxers and now I’m the most dressed out of all of the guys.  Wow Will looked amazing in his jockstrap!!!  He still has a speedo tan,  although it is fading it is more defined than mine is,  and he does have one very cute butt.

There was a snowboarding movie on the in background and the 9 of us were just standing around drinking.  Everyone was in a pretty cruisy mood and it was far more comfortable than I had ever expect – I’ve never been to an underwear party before.

After about an hour or so…. Julie came out of her bedroom with Twister (you know the game)…..

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Hey Dave how’s it going?
I was just wondering what happened to letters O to T?
Would love to hear the stories behind those letters!
Love the sounds of the underwear party.
I figure my invitation was lost in the mail. 😉


Tim AKA Terminally Single

Hey Dave, sounds like an awesome party. I love your site and its great to read and always entertaining. BTW I have pics of guy wearing speedos with girls in the pic. contact me and I can send you a bunch! keep up the good work


Hey Dave,

Love the Underwear Party story! Wanted to know if you wanted to trade links with me at UnderwearFanatic.com? Love your site you always have the best pictures and stories to share 🙂


Hey i love tha pics…Very nice….When will we get to see some of yo sexxxxi self?!?!?!?!

Check out SpeedoFetish.com