Very hung over today.

This is my first update from Queenstown.

After the 6hr drive south we arrived here last night around 6pm. We grabbed some fish and chips and ate that in our hotel rooms – I’m sharing a room with Tony and Michael (the two Aussie boys) and Simon and Evan (the english lads) are in the room next door.

Our room has 2 double beds so last night I slept next to Tony (only really because we were all just soo drunk we died by the time we got home). Unforunately nothing naughty happened.

Despite our hangover we got up on Coronet Peak this morning pretty early. Tomorrow we are going to ski the Remarkables which I’m told is a bit more hardcore – I haven’t snowboarded on either of these mountains before.

I think tonight we will go a little easier on the grog….

I’ve got wireless in the hotel so I’ve been checking on some stuff for the last half hour. I think we are about to head down to the hottub so it is speedo time!!! Should be interesting to see how my speedos go down.

Here is a pic that one of the readers of this blog emailed me which is pretty hard hot.

Black speedo.

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