Very VPL

Holy moly guys, I saw this pic and I knew you guys would love it!!!!

VPL - Visible Penis Line

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


You bet we do, Dave!

That VPL is awesome! The guy who owns it is pretty sensational as well . . .

Thanks for posting the pic!


Thanks for the find Dave. The suit covers just as it is suppose to cover. His muscles are well defined, no reason to believe he doesn’t have butt cheeks or a cock and balls. Very enjoyable.


We sure do love it Dave! Would love to get a close up of that. Love the way it hangs to the left of the seam too. My guess is he’s also wearing a cock ring to make those balls sit up like that. Very yummy all the same.


Great pic Dave, I agree with k1speedo that this guy is wearing a cock ring to pull those balls forward. I have worn a c ring for 9 months now and it certainly enhances your assets when wearing speedos, which I wear every time at the pool or beach. They may not be the fashion but it is me wearing them and I wear what I am happy with. The c ring also gets looks when wearing jeans.

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