Visible Penis Line

Is the visible penis line the guys version of the camel toe?  Not quite I suppose but there are some hot pics of guys with very, very visible penis lines (check out the 2nd and 3rd pics).

Don’t forget, my DE Swimwear have no lining so not only are they super see through but they are also helpful with showing off your VPL.  Join my site for a month or more and I’ll send you a free pair.

Guys in Speedo Style UndiesCock in White SpeedosVisible Penis Line

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


VPL is a new term…..However I am a bit of exobitionist and I always make sure my VPL shows when I am wearing lycra workout tights…. I also try to get my jeans tight enough so that the VPL just shows when I go commando….I have a small butt so I have started buying womens low cut jeans to get this effect….. What do others feel about an exposed VPL….is it a turn on ? If I see a VPL on another guy is it a good indication that he may be Bi/Gay ?


I believe the guy term is moose knuckle. The VPL of guy #2 is really hot!

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