VPL – Visible Penis Line

We are all famililar with the VPL (Visible Panty Line) but my version of the VPL is a visible penis line.

Here are some pics I’ve collected over the years of VPL’s.

Visible Penis Line
Visible Penis
Visible Cock

7 Users Responded in " VPL – Visible Penis Line "

Anonymous said,  

Who’s the guy in the first pic?

Sue said,  

I love the first pic!

Brad-Leigh said,  

the first guy is Skye Boyland…

check out the following link for more.



j3zza said,  

I love the cut of the speedo at the bottom (red & yellow), the slight dip towards the cock in the center, just the right blend of skimpiness and coverage. Yowza.

Question…have you gotten any feedback on strings in or out? I prefer them to be in so as not to create a visual distraction. Do you have a preference?

Ben said,  

I like the red one, I wonder where I could get one…the man and the suit that is….

Anonymous said,  

you can also tell if a aguys not wearing any underwear if they are weariin g long pants if they have a big enough cock you can usualy seethe out line of it it’s a bit harder to see but worth the looking

john said,  

yeh speedo is so hot and i prefer red and black and big cock

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