Wearing black speedos

After a big week of getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather I am finally spending an entire day at home catching up.  The house is an absolute mess, I have no clean clothes, no clean dishes and I really need to do some work and get this new Bisexual website of mine up and running.  So this morning I was up at 8am, had 2 wanks, went for a walk to get a coffee and started cleaning.

All the cleaning is now done and I’ve been doing a bit of research on what I’m looking for with my new black speedos but Jace posted these on the WhiteSpeedos.com forum for me.

Wearing black speedo
Black speedos

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Nick said,  

Dave, I think I love you..
Thanks for your site, its SUPER fun!
If your ever in Pittsburgh, drop a line.

Dave Evans said,  

Thanks for the offer Nick and thanks for the compliments mate.

I love reading comments left by guys who read this blog.


DonPato said,  

Hey black, white, blue or any color is cool with me. I enjoy all
the speedo pictures that you can find. And the bodies in them.


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