Wearing Speedos When Surfing

I love being in the ocean and love surfing although I am absolutely horrible at it.  I am a much better snowboarder and I have spent a lot of time trying to surf but I’m still pretty horrible.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some pics of some hot guys surfing in speedos.  Surfing in speedos is just not really done here which is a shame because some of my surfing mates would look amazing wearing speedos.  Luckily at the pool where I swim laps most of the guys do wear speedos.

There aren’t a whole lot of pics of guys surfing in speedos but here are a few that I found (I know some of them are surf club guys but kind of close).  The gallery is available for blog members – click here to join for just $5.

Surfing in Speedos

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Dr. Phil

Hmm…for some reason, that last larger photo, of the guy in the wave pool, is really doing it for me. It’s intriguing how some things, on their own, may not catch one’s eye, but together they somehow become more than the sum of their parts…Though I’d like to inspect those parts a bit more closely all the same. 😉


Hey Dave, my blog surfbriefs.tumblr.com actually features this very topic! I recognize all of the above photos from my blog that I’ve been working on for years, which is really the only blog of its kind. I know none of them are mine and I’m not sure how you found them (although the first several pages of google images leades to my blog…), but it’d be nice if you at least gave me a shout out if you do like my blog.


Thanks Dave- emailing you now!


i love pics

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