New Grindr Meat

The only plans Kip and I have for this weekend is to have some of the new guys on Grindr around for some speedo hottub time.

Last night I checked Grindr for the first time in a while and found out there are 4 new guys living within a mile of our hottub.  It was late last night and for some crazy reason I woke up at 4am so I was pretty knackered but tonight Kip and I will see if any of those guys are interesting in coming over.

It has been a while since Kip and I had a group speedo sex session, for those of you who are new to this blog, Kip loves it when he is fucked my several guys (click here to read the post about our last real orgy).

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting some of the horny details.

Anyone else here use Grindr?

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3 Comments on "New Grindr Meat"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Yes, but not much luck on it (in terms of actually meeting up w people). Manhunt has been more productive for me.


une mais sur le cul pour l’un, la main de l’autre sur la queue…c’est le must


Hey Dave, I am on Grindr, but not very often. You were right, the gay scene is somewhat underground, but there are more guys up here than I thought. Mainly, I have met some skiing buddies throu Grindr.
Take care.

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