Welcome to America

I’ve landed in America – I’m writing this post sitting at DIA waiting for my CME shuttle up to Kip’s place.

It is nice and warm, I’ve never been to America during summer so it should be fun.

American SpeedoUSA SpeedoStars and Stripes SwimwearSpeedo AmericaAmerican Waterpolo Speedo

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Dr. Phil

Welcome to the U.S., Dave! I hope that when you return Down Under and they ask if you have anything to declare, you’ll say without reservation, “I give good head.” 😉

I tend not to like American flag apparel of any sort, but I have to say, the speedos above are not too bad…though it could be just as much that the guys wearing them are pretty hot which is influencing my opinion. The last one in particular is quite nice…though it would look better on my floor if that guy were in my bed.

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