What a tiny speedo

This is a tiny speedo, no way I could wear this at the pool or the beach.

Could any of you guys wear it?

I think the speedo solar, which has 1″ sides, is smallest I can wear.  I have a black speedo solar in storage somewhere (probably Australia) that I have worn when swimming laps in the pool but I think this little number would be a little too small for my confidence.

Look closely in the last photo, seems like this guy is wearing these tiny speedos in public.

Tiny SpeedoWearing a tiny speedoTiny wet speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I’d agree – too narrow at the hips for me to wear at a public pool or beach – I’ve got aussiebum wonderjock speedos with 1″ sides which is just ok.
Looking at the models tan lines it doesn’t look like he wears them much either.


I couldn’t, nor would I try, to wear these at a public location as I think they would bring too much negative attention to the speedo, unless you are a model like this guy. There are fully dressed guys drinking beers in the background, odd photo shoot?

If I was more fit (I’m in good shape, not buff), then maybe I would wear my solar’s and narrow Aussiebums at the beach, but for now, it’s the regular cut (when I get the chance). For now, they are for working in the back yard and washing the truck, which likely will occur this afternoon while wearing the white solar’s.

You guys rock who do wear your solar’s for others to see! Do want a suit like this one for those private moments though……

Eric Rex

Yeah, prolly not in public, but definitely for private moments, or in the tanning salon for that interesting tanline


Saw your post in thread http://www.thespeedoforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=137297&p=213725&sid=5cc1d76e70c407cb283c773e848c7efa#p213725, and are your confidence issues due to the fact that the suit may not contain what lies within? But I bet you & Kip could have a lot of fun…

As for me, definitely too small for public.


These are my style of speedo. Narrow sides and minimum of cover up. I have been wearing this style for 9 years since I was 16 and have not received any complaints yet. They are perfect when you want to fuck or be fucked without taking them off! I have 10 pairs of various colours, all unlined fort that extra sensation, I have regularly cum whilst wearing them


I agree this style of tiny kini is hot. I’ve recently bought some tiny Japanese suits, and can’t wait to try them out on the gay beaches here.


Dave If you think this is tiny you should see what I normally wear to the beach and hotel pools.

I love the rio suits from http://www.skinzwear.com (http://www.skinzwear.com/product_search.php?indexcat=100243&indexname=Mens-Super-Low-Profile-Rio and http://www.skinzwear.com/product_search.php?indexcat=100285&indexname=Mens-Sunseeker-Rio) most of which are unlined or mesh and in light colurs (i.e. see thru when wet and sometimes even when dry!)

And I will also wear their smallest G-string suits if i can get away with it. (http://www.skinzwear.com/prod_Group.php?indexcat=1005&indexname=G-String-Swimsuits-for-Men)

Often my suits are the smallest at the pool of both sexes. I have never been told to cover up yet! Sure can be a lot of fun and you get to be the centre of attention. On a recent holiday I got more comments about a special headrest I was using at the pool than my suit. Go figure that one out!

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