What I got upto on the Gold Coast

Finally I’ve got 10 minutes to sit down and tell you guys about my day at the beach.

As you all know I shot back to the Gold Coast (where I lived until 12 months ago) for my Dad’s birthday. I stayed right near where I used to rent an apartment which is 2 blocks from the beach and 2 blocks from the local swimming pool.

I only had 1 full spare day while I was over so I was up early and was at the pool by 10. There was probably 4 people in total in the pool so had tonnes of room. The 2 guys that were there before I arrived were wearing speedos as well. I spent about 45 mins wearing my Portsea AussieBum (you can see them here). I really wanted to go into the showers and masturbate but I had been talking to some guys online and knew a spot on the beach where gay guys hang out in their speedos.

It is a bit of a walk from my place to this end of the beach but by 11:30am I was walking along the dunes – I had stripped down so that I was walking just in my speedos. Man it is a hot feeling!!! Caught the eye of some old guys but kept walking.

In the end I kinda gave up finding some hot younger guy so I found a reasonably quiet area – got out my towel and a book and started sun baking. I had brought a couple of cans of rum and the hours slipped by. Then around 1:30pm I think it was – I hear this guy coming through the bushes. Still on my stomach I turn and look over my shoulder and see this mid-twenties guy, no shirt on and a pair of white board shorts. I was a little embarssed as he was going to walk straight past me to get to the beach. But then he stopped next to me and said – “You’ve got a good spot here mate. Mind if I join you?” He didn’t need to ask me twice.

I sat up and put my book away – things were about to get much more interesting than any book I’ve ever read. As I sat up he learnt over me with his hand out and introduced himself as Justin. For a moment I thought the boardshorts were going to stay on – but they didn’t!!!! The boardshorts came off to reveal a pair of red speedos (with the word ‘speedo’ in white on the back). This was going to be my lucky day. And it looked like Justin was sporting a semi-hardon as well.

I’ll write the rest tomorrow guys….

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