What are Kip and Dave up to?

As I write this post, I don’t actually know what we are up to.

We are on the road in central Colorado.  I’ve got my laptop with me but I’ve got a feeling that we won’t have net, or at least reliable net access until we get back on Monday or Tuesday.

Since I might not be able to post I thought I’d pre-post.  A couple of days ago I posted a pic of a hot guy wearing black speedos with a green drawstring and trim.  They reminded me of these pics which are part of a model gallery over on my site SwimmerBoyz.com.

Darn this guy wears these speedos well.

I hope we are having fun and I hope you guys are having a fun weekend as well.  If I can post I will otherwise talk to you guys on Monday or Tuesday.

Black SpeedoBlack Speedo ModelCock in Black SpeedoSunbathing in Black Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Matt SR

What are Kip and Dave up to?

‘Are’ is for the plural, ‘is’ for singular.
I can tell I’m turning into a grumpy old man when my only contribution is on grammar.

Dr. Phil

The second photo is a difficult angle to make attractive, based on most of what I’ve seen, but this fellow does manage to do it! Very nice! 🙂


he almost looks like the NYC banner guy….tight suit..that dave uses on the banner

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