Where am I?

You guys are never going to guess where I am…..

Right now I’m 2hrs north of Sydney on the coast and I’m loving it. Last week I got a call from an old mate of mine saying that he just got engaged and asked if I wanted to come over for his engagement party. I said why not and here I am.

Saturday was the engagement party and I flew into Sydney on Friday afternoon. Friday night was a big night at the local pub. Then on Saturday afternoon there was the engagement party. Yesterday we just chilled out at the beach and it was a glorious day.

Today the weather is completely the opposite of what it was yesterday which sucks BUT I’m about to head down to the beach for a swim anyway – speedos will be on.

A lot of things have happened since I last posted and I do have an excuse but more importantly it won’t happen again.

So if any of you readers out there are on the central coast for the next and we have some speedo weather then drop me a line as I’ll be very keen to catch up with some guys this week. I’m staying with my friend who just got engaged but he and his roommates are working during the day so I’ll be out playing.

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