White Speedos

Another big day in the office lined up but I have the new model shoots on the server – I’ll have them live for members of SwimmerBoyz.com later today and I’ll put up some sample pics for you guys tomorrow – stay tuned…. I promise it will be worth it.

Today is a collection of white speedo photos and my old friend Hawaii Speedo Student has made another appearance (I can’t hide it, I have a huge crush on this guy).

Click here for an entire gallery of Hawaii Speedo Student – rather hot indeed.

Hawaii Speedo StudentAussiebumsWhite SpeedoWhite Speedos

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Dr. Phil

As much as I appreciate all that Hawaii Speedo Student has done for speedo acceptance and visibility, at the same time, he just does nothing for me, alas…oh well.

My favorite of this bunch, both as far as the guy goes and as far as the hottest speedo is concerned, is #4. I wish I could have both on my floor here right now! šŸ™‚


I love a wet white speedo on a guy, or gal,, especially an Aussiebum as on the guy in the second pic. Very nice indeed!

Dr. Phil does has something right on the guy in the 4th pic…….


Nah . . . I’m loving as much of Hawaii Speedo student as I can get
. . . he’s gorgeous! I do like #4 as well so I agree with dr. phil too . . .


Hey Dave,

Waiting for approval of my change of email address on speedo forum…been a month now…any chance it can happen soon?

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