White Speedos

I’m always the last one to know about public holidays here in America – obviously I didn’t grow up with them.  I found out last week that this is a long weekend which sucks – because there will be a bunch of city folks up here in the mountains – hahaha.

On a positive note it should mean there will be some city pretty girls out on the town tonight and Kip and I have been relatively well behaved the last week or so.

Tonight I’m going to sport my white AussieBum Coolabah’s (bottom photo) and see if I can give anyone a pleasant surprise when they take off my jeans.

White Speedo Swimmer Speedo is too bigWhite AussieBumAussieBum CoolabahWhite AussieBum Coolabah

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yes a long hot weekend..lucky last week was up at winter park doing single track and avoiding moose. nice and cool in the mountains. white is good anytime. those massive thighs look great poking thru those suits. have a good labor day.

Dr. Phil

Under your good influences, Dave, I have obtained a few (more) white speedos recently. I’m pretty happy with one of them, and not as much with the other, but oh well…

This is one of them:


And the other (which isn’t as good) is this:



One of my favorite Aussibums I own; but don’t quite wear as well as the guy in the third to last pic. Not that I will ever know, but that is going to be the surprise I am going to envision the gals are going to see when Dave get’s them home…

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