White speedos story.

Just something I was reading earlier today which got me going…..

Jeff and I headed over to Phoenix (stop laughing) to get some sun and just hang out by the pool. We stayed at a great resort just north of the city and didn’t leave the grounds.

We shocked the old straight folks just a little bit by hanging around the resort pool in our little white speedos. I’m not talking about the average everyday American variety. He got us speedos on a recent trip Singapore earlier this year, these are the Japanese style that are so super low cut your ass crack and pubes show. He was so fucking hot in them everyone was staring. Mine just reminded me that I needed to work out my skinny ass legs but I think I still did ok. Every time we got our suits wet they became a little shear and left little to the imagination.

I love making him laugh. He doesn’t do it often in front of other dudes because he has to be all mister cool shit but with me he really lets his hair down and I can really get him going by just doing the most stupid shit.

We were back in the room Saturday night surfing the web for funny odd sites, room service was on its way. I showed him sites that put him in such a giggling mood. Dude, he was lying there next to me with a fresh tan, naked, his muscles all pumped up from his workout earlier. Every time he laughed his abs contracted and flexed. He is starting to get that shredded look in his pecs and shoulders. My cock started to stiffen and he noticed right away. “Um J Dude, What’s going on here?” He picked up my now hard cock and let go. It thumped, rock hard, against my abs. “Sorry bro. I can’t help it. Jeff man, have you really looked at your body lately?” I rubbed my hands over his torso. He looked down at his body. His cock was beginning to grow too.

“Jared I think we better stop. I mean. I don’t think we should. I don’t want to hurt your relationship with Nathan.” I stopped and looked into his eyes. “Jeff, is that why you’ve been staying in your room lately?” “Yeah man, you and Nathan are like an item now so I should be backing off.”

Our conversation went on for over and hour and I’m not going into the details except to say that he is right that we need our space but not so much that Jeff isn’t part of our intimate lives just like he has been for the past decade. I know Nathan agrees with me.

Toward the end of the talk, when he was feeling better about it, I put my hand back on his torso and caressed him from his pecs to pubes. It was driving him nuts and his cock began to grow hard again. “Jeff,” I said. “You can’t deny me access to this hot body man.”

I straddled him and sat on his stiff cock while massaging his torso. Up and down his hard pecs, over his shoulders, and down his abs I massaged. His cock danced around my anus. As I reached around and grabbed his pole he let out a gasp. I wanted him inside me so bad and moved to get him there.

Within seconds I had him protected, lubed and making his way inside me as I stayed in the same position. I wanted him inside me but at the same time I wanted all the control. I felt my ass contract as he slid inside me. Fuck it was awesome. My cock stood at attention as I sat there with his buried deep inside me. Slowly I began to work him up and down. He looked at me intensely and I moved down to kiss him.

I picked up the rhythm bouncing up on down on his cock. My own cock bounced up and down. He was panting and moaning, “Oh fuck Jared, Oh fuck Jared.” I grabbed my cock and stroked violently. Within seconds I was exploding all over him, his face, his pecs, his abs and even the headboard. Soon after he gave me the signal and I jumped off him. He ripped off the condom and splashed his semen all over himself.

I made him lay there covered in our cum as I played with it.

“That’s number two off my list,” I told him. He didn’t get it and didn’t ask.

We woke up the next morning and headed for the pool again, this time he wore a very sheer pair of white and blue aussiebums while I wore a pair of tight buldge producing N2Ns. We can be so gay sometimes and I fucking love it!!!

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