Why I’m in hospital

It is 2:15pm on Saturday arvo and I’ve got some time to myself and some reliable net access finally so I thought I better let you guys in on what has been happening.

Last Sunday I was up the hill riding with Matt (my landlord) and one of the english lads from next door when I came a little unstuck on my board. I can’t actually remember what happened (something about short term memory being lost) but I’m told that as I rode down this narrow chute I clipped a rock under the surface which then caused me to slam into a rock wall. Then I slid (Matt reckons I was knocked unconscience when I slammed into the rock wall) down the chute about 300m hitting 2 more rock gardens on the way down before finally stopping.

The next thing I knew it was Wednesday afternoon when I woke up in hospital.

I’ve broken my left tibia and fibia (the bones below the knee). Broke my jaw and I cracked my skull just behind the ear (that was the one that has kept me asleep for 4 days) and I dislocated my shoulder. I’ve got pretty nasty bruises over my legs and back. Apart from my brain swelling from the knock to the head I think I got off pretty lightly.

I am upset that I didn’t get to enjoy my first ever helicopter flight.

Since I woke up on Wednesday I’ve been sleeping lots but today has been pretty good and with my laptop here it gives me something to do. The doc is coming around at 3pm (half hrs time) so I should find out when I get go home…

Thanks everyone for your emails and support – work stuff has run smoothly without me and for the time being I have everything I need – thanks for all the offers though. I’ll be back later this arvo.

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