You never know….

Last night Kip and I went out on the town, just to our usual bar.

We ran into some friends of Kip’s from out of town.  They aren’t up here for all the powder (it snowed a grand total of 4″ in November) but have some family who own a condo up here.  It was 2 gay guys and I can’t really remember or figure out how Kip knows them.  Once I saw that they were gay guys my naughty thoughts radar started going off but Kip gave me the signal that these guys weren’t up for anything like that.

So for the rest of the night we drank with these guys, as well as other people who would come in and out of our conversations. I spoke to a girl who was a mountain 7 (out of 10, but the girls aren’t as pretty in the mountains, so she would only be a city 4 – hahahaha, that is Kip’s joke and one I’ve heard from a few people up here).  Turns out this chick just moved to town from Chicago or somewhere in Illinois.  Weird thing was, she doesn’t have a car.  She had one in Chicago, she is late 20’s I suppose, works as an architect or something and can work remote and fly back to Chicago a couple of times a month.  Breckenridge is a nice small town, but it doesn’t have anything you need in it.  I suppose she is just a newbie and old Dave Evans is an old local – hahaha.

That was a bit of a side track,  they had started closing up the bar and one of the gay guys and I were standing on the street waiting for Kip and the other guy.  We had been hanging out all night but it is a bar so no deep and meaningful conversations.  This guy knows that I’m Kip’s boss and he asks me how a ‘straight guys like me’ works in gay porn.  Hahahaha – I love it.

I was trying to think of something cheeky to say in response, somethink like, “In 10 minutes, Kip’s cock will be buried up to his nuts in my arse, these kind of activities help us str8 boys work in gay porn – hahahaha.  I couldn’t put the words together eliquently enough so I just pull the hip of my jeans down and showed him the ‘speedo’ logo on the black speedos that I was wearing.

Ahhhhhh – is all he said.  Hehehehe.

You just never know guys…..

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5StarGayTeens said,  

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thisisdg said,  

Hey Dave,

I can;t seem to be able to register on your speedo forum.

After I do the captcha and press submit, it says general error :/

Hopefully this issue can be fixed soon ! 🙂

Dave Evans said,  

ThisisDG – I’m going to be working on the forum early this week and should have registration back online. The site was drowning in SPAM, so much so that I was spending 2hrs or more a day cleaning it up. It is a free site so I don’t get paid for that and I considered shutting it down.

Shouldn’t come to that but I’ll post on here when registration is back open.

5Star – if you are interested in a blog link trade email me, email is on the right hand side next to my picture. If there is any underage stuff on your blog, I will not link to it and I will forward your blog onto the necessary authorities.


Dr. Phil said,  

Based on your story above, Dave, I half expect the next thing you’ll be doing is coming out with a line of greeting cards that say “Say it with a speedo.” Imagine that! Some hot guy in a speedo for birthdays; two hot guys in speedos for anniversaries; a hot guy in a black speedo looking somber for sympathy/bereavements, etc. There’s your million dollar idea for the day, kiddo! 😉

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