You’ll never guess who my neighbours are?

Today has been a quiet day and I’ve been getting a rather MAJOR update ready for ‘my site‘ which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow or Sunday whe it goes online. Very exciting though I promise.

The weather has been pretty harsh again today and the mountain was closed – the pic below is of the roof of one of the buildings up there.

Lots of snow in New Zealand

BUT the exciting news – which I only found out 5 minutes ago when Mark got home is that my new neighbours (there are 4 townhouses next to the house here) are 4 guys, 2 Aussie and 2 Poms (English). Mark is having them over for a BBQ on Sunday night – I haven’t seen them yet (all four of them work on the hill so leave before I get up most mornings) and I’m sooooo hoping I can get at least one of them down to his speedos.

Tomorrow arvo I’ve going to the big smoke to hook up (hehehe) with Antony (click here to read about my last experience with Antony), his folks are away for the weekend so he has his place all to himself. I’m super horny for what we are going to get up to.

Well guys – I’ll try and post tomorrow before I leave for Antony’s but if not I’ll have much to share on Sunday.

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