Speedos on the NSW Beach

I love speedos. Speedos are obviously a huge part of my life – this blog, my business (SwimmerBoyz.com) and most importantly of all speedos are an important part of my sex life.Today is a classic example of how speedos help me out. After my post yesterday afternoon, I went for a quick swim in the surf, and one of the readers of this blog shot me an email saying he was on the central coast (of New South Wales – just north of Sydney).

Well call this reader ‘Sam’ – he didn’t want me to mention his name on the blog but said it was OK to write about it.

So Sam emailed me and his email went something like this.

Dave – I’m Sam and I love speedos. I also live on the central coast at &#>!@@)( Bay. I could describe myself but the attached pictures of me wearing my favourite blue speedo I think are better than I can describe.

If you are interested in some speedo fun – I have a wonderful unit overlooking the ocean or I know of a very private area in the dunes if you are up for some outside fun.


PS Your white Aussiebum Coolabahs’s sound like the perfect attire for you to wear if we get a chance to catch up.

f you are interested in some speedo fun – I have a wonderful unit overlooking the ocean or I know of a very private area in the dunes if you are up for some outside fun.Keeping in mind that the pics that Sam sent through were HOT HOT HOT, how do you guys think I responded?

Since I have a few things that I have to do today I agreed to catch up with Sam in the dunes, I love outdoor sex – and I think safety wise it is better for a first meeting to be outdoors. Sam gave me the directions and I agreed to meet him (wearing my white speedos and him wearing his blue speedos) around 10am.

I was at the beach around 9am – I was keen for a walk and a quick swim before seeing Sam. I got up into the dunes about 10 minutes early and I wasn’t all that surprised to see this gorgeous body lying face down on a towel. That gorgeous body was Sam’s and my eyes immediately fixed on his tight butt with the blue lycra of his speedos stretched over it.

You must be Sam.

I startled him a little but he didn’t jump. Sam said g’day and he started to get up but I told him to stay there as I made myself more comfortable by removing my boardies.

Wow those white speedos are hot Dave.

Yes they were I thought to myself. I straddled Sam and sat on his blue speedo (which just happened to be covering his butt). Putting my hands on his shoulders I began to rub Sam’s back. Lying on his stomach Sam’s back and shoulder muscled were firm and I was starting to get a stirring down in my white speedo.

Working my way down his back I finally got to the waist line of Sam’s speedo. If I wanted to go any further ‘south’ then I’d have to change position. I swung around 180 degrees so that I was now sitting on Sam’s upper back facing his feet. Then my hands went to work on his speedo covered butt.

Meanwhile Sam and I were making some small talk, mainly about our passion for speedos but it was only small talk. I think we both realized that this encounter was all about the sex and now that I was playing with the lycra of Sam’s speedo I was rock hard.

I’m horny again writing this so I’m going to go for a swim and then I’ll be back to finish this story off over a couple of Boag’s (a local beer).

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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  1. Jason says:

    Hey there. Hot blog man. I live at Terrigal and just thought I would let you know I love your blog.

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